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True friends are known in trouble and in joy.

Many people know that real friends are knownin trouble, but not all sort of comrades on this principle. It often happens that random people enter our lives, who claim to be the best friend. Such a person is boundlessly trusted, spends all his free time with him, and then faces the most heinous betrayal.

One young man made friends with a comrade fromthe neighboring house. Sasha was younger than him, but much quicker and more cunning. He was pleased to manipulate a guy who was older than him. At first Sasha incited his friend to petty pranks, to joint trips to the street and buying beer. Then the guys at some point did not have enough adrenaline - and they decided to steal the chocolate on the dispute. Only then did the senior comrade, who was quickly taken, stole, and Sasha immediately paid for the mineral water - and with good conscience went home. Sasha only said that they are best friends forever, and he himself provoked a comrade to commit a crime.

A little time has passed - and it is clear thata friend in need is a friend indeed. Only in this case my mother became the best friend, who came running to help. She asked the storekeeper to forgive the store, bought the chocolates - and took her son home. He sat for a long time in silence, agreed with the arguments of his mother, but then he continued to communicate with his friend anyway. It's just not clear how after the incident you can trust a person, it's normal to talk to him - and still consider him your best friend.

Just some people do not understand that it is not worth itfirst counter to write to your friends. The young man was under thirty, but he had no education, no real friends. He talked with very dubious personalities, who preferred work to evenings in the halls of slot machines. They put their friend on gambling - and he regularly demanded a new portion of cash injections from his mother. When she refused to give money, he literally kicked them out. When the son brought into the house of some strange man, the poor woman began to rebel. Only here the son consoled her with the fact that friends are known in trouble. A couple of days later - and a new friend committed robbery, and all beautifully fell on the guy who sheltered him. As a result, the guy has been sitting for the second year, and the mother sends him the programs with his meager teacher's salary. Of course, a young person at such an age should have a head on his shoulders, but to see a friend in each passer-by is also not worth it.

The girl studied at the Pedagogical University,where she had two girlfriends. One of them was clearly with quirks, but the second girlfriend was especially righteous. She was so honest and correct that no one expected her to trick or betray her. With such friends Asya never thought about how to become best friends, because they already had it. Only the time of distribution has come - and Nastia, who got married, gets a free diploma. Fair and always correct Olga showed her true face when she was sent to a remote village. She was indignant, screaming, crying, and then the rest of the time did her friend muck. So it turns out that true friends are known in trouble and in joy. Just often it happens that a false friend enjoys that another person is ill.

If you consider a person to be your friend,then wait for the next test. They can come to your life in the form of a common cold, when you just need to go to the pharmacy. They can come in the form of a wedding celebration, when you need a loved one for advice. If a person stays with you under any circumstances, he can safely pretend to be a true friend. It is better to simply weed out the rest of the comrades, since you will never know when a traitor's stone will fly into your back.

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