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The best friend is not a rival

Friendship is always relevant. Friends give communication and do not allow a person to remain alone.

Unfortunately, many today did not understand what isfriendship and call friends of their friends. What is a good friend different from a friend? A friend at any time of the day or night is ready to come to the rescue and give you everything he has. Familiar to such an act is not capable. Let's take as a basis this axiom and try to supplement the portrait, which we will call "My best friend."

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If you are going to talk to a friend, she will always answer and never drop the call. When you do not remind yourself for a long time, the girlfriend always worries, calls or comes.

The best friend is a person who perceives all your problems as their own. When the trouble has come, the girlfriend will not try to get off empty words of sympathy, and at once will offer the help.

Your joy will always be shared by the best friend. It must be sincere. If you report on your successes, you will notice that a friend envies you, it is better to beware of such a person. Envy attracts anger and gossip.

The best friend never gives to othersthe content of the conversation, in which you entrusted the details of your personal life. This does not mean that the girlfriend should be silent. Boltfulness is not a flaw, but blurting out secrets is a betrayal.

The best friend is your protector. Whatever happens on the street or at work, this protection must be expressed in concrete actions, and not in empty words. You must be sure that your girlfriend will not be afraid to protect you, even if there is a real threat to her life or reputation.

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Tell about yourself all can only best friend. This means that she trusts you. If a friend leaves the answers or lies, do not maintain a relationship.

The best friend always tells you everything that she thinks. Believe me, you can learn the truth about yourself only from a friend who calmly and without malice will tell you what your actions look like from the outside.

Relationships with a best friend can not be ideal. If you never raised one another's voice, this is an occasion to reflect. The best friend is a person who does not hide his emotions.

If you notice that you give your girlfriend more thantake from her, perhaps she uses your location for mercenary purposes. Friendship is a free exchange of good deeds and services, based on gratitude and gratitude. At the same time, such relations should not be built on the principle "you - me, I - you". Then it's not friendship, but partnership.

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Now on how to save your best friend. Prepare yourself for the fact that your relationship will be tested with love for the same person. In that case, you do not have to be rivals. Who will become the chosen one of the man, he will decide only himself. His attention signs, aimed at one of you, should not become an excuse for discord. Experience shows that this female friendship sooner or later passes the test of love for a man. If you behave not as a hunter led by instincts, but as a woman who appreciates friendship, you will be able to keep your best friend. Decide what is more important for you - the men who come and go, or the best friend who will stay with you forever.

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