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Russian Open Transport Academy (MGUPS): description, specialties and reviews

Moscow entrants heard about the RussianUniversity of Transport (RTH). This is a state higher educational institution, which in the past bore such names as MIIT, MGUPPS. Educational organization has its history since 1896. During the period of its existence it reached considerable proportions. Today, the Russian University of Transport is the largest industry higher education institution in Russia. Its organizational structure consists of 4 faculties, 9 institutes and 2 academies. One of the units is the Russian Open Transport Academy (ROT MIIT, ROAT RUT). Several thousand students study there.

Historical background

The current Academytransport began its educational activity in 1951 under the name of the All-Union Institute of Railway Transport Engineers. This university was opened in connection with the deficit of highly qualified personnel, which was lacking in the post-war years. Training of interested persons was conducted on the correspondence form.

The educational institution has been operating for more than 40 years. In 1995, he changed his status, as well as the name. Once the existing institute was transformed into the Russian state. open technical university of communications. The most important date in the history of the school was 2008. The university joined the Moscow State University of Railway Transport and became known in the organizational structure of this educational organization as the Russian Open Transport Academy.

Russian Open Transport Academy


The Academy carries out its educational activities at 4 faculties:

  • at the Faculty of Economics;
  • Vehicle;
  • buildings and transport facilities;
  • management of transportation processes.

Each structural unit offerscertain areas of training, specialties. Altogether there are about forty educational programs. In the university there is a bachelor's degree, a specialty, a master's degree. The form of training, unfortunately, is offered only in absentia.

Russian Open Academy of Transport

Programs at the Faculty of Economics

Persons entering the Faculty of EconomicsRussian Open Transport Academy, choose between bachelor's degree and specialty. At the first stage of higher education, applicants are offered to choose either "Economy", or "Management", or "Personnel Management", or "Municipal and Public Administration."

Each of the above programs has differentprofiles. For example, a student who studies at the "Economics", in the final year, must choose the narrowest area for studying and further work - "Finance and Credit", "Economy of Housing and Communal Services and Construction", etc.

At the Faculty of Economics there isjust one educational program - "Economic Security". It is quite interesting and in demand in the modern world. The "Economic Security" prepares personnel who have knowledge and skills in the field of jurisprudence and economics.

Russian Open Academy of Transport

Study at the Faculty of Transport

In the Russian Open Transport AcademyThe vehicle division offers a few educational programs. On the bachelor's degree there is "Management in technical systems", "Communication systems and infocommunication technologies", and on the specialty - "Rolling stock of railways", "Trains movement: support systems".

The listed programs are relevant in the modernworld. Entrants choosing them make the right step in their life. First, they are waiting for interesting studies. In the development of new teaching material, the students are assisted by a teaching staff, which includes more than 70 highly qualified specialists, real experts in their field. Secondly, graduates of the faculty are in demand on the labor market. The received education allows you to quickly find a job in the specialty, gives confidence in the future.

Russian Open Transport Academy

Obtaining education at the faculty of buildings and transport facilities

Faculty of buildings and transport facilities inThe Russian Open Transport Academy with the MIIT (with the modern RTH - the Russian University of Transport) also offers a few directions of training and specialties:

  1. At the undergraduate are available for selection of suchprograms, such as "Construction", "Heat Engineering and Heat Power Engineering". The duration of study is 5 years. Students here are taught to develop projects of civil and industrial buildings, to realize them, to design, repair, operate water supply and sewerage facilities and heat-power facilities of industrial enterprises and rail transport enterprises.
  2. The specialty offers "Construction of bridges, railways, transport tunnels", "Ground transportation and technological means". The term of study for them is 6 years.

Russian Open Transport Academy

Educational programs at the Faculty of Transportation Processes Management

In the Russian Open Transport AcademyThe Faculty of Transportation Process Management is small in its organizational structure. It employs only three chairs. Students are trained in three educational programs:

  • "Technospheric security" in the baccalaureate;
  • "Technology of transport processes" at the bachelor's degree;
  • "Operation of the railways" on the specialty.

Reviews about the Academy

About the Russian Open Transport Academy (RAT) in general, students leave positive reviews. Learners in them enumerate many advantages:

  • excellent equipment of the educational process and good logistical support;
  • availability of budgetary places;
  • the presence of a hostel, in which there are 500 places for students, postgraduates, teachers, students;
  • wide opportunities for obtaining high-quality knowledge and developing creative abilities.

Russian Open Academy of Transport reviews

In order to find out whetherRussian Open Transport Academy are true, applicants are advised to attend open days. At these events, you can talk with students, ask them about their studies, about the attitude of teachers to students, about extracurricular life, sports and creative activities, about living in a hostel.

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