/ What is collapse? Meaning and synonyms

What is the collapse? Meaning and synonyms

There are powerful words in the language. Their people rarely use them. Probably, that's why the question arises, what is the collapse? We will answer it in detail and with examples.


what is collapse

About collapse say, when something or someonesuffered not just failure or defeat, but complete defeat. And it does not matter what it's all about: sports, studies, work. The dictionary shows that the word "collapse" has two meanings.

  1. In the economic sphere, it is characterized by bankruptcy or ruin.
  2. In figurative meaning - epic defeat, failure, failure.

Now it is clear that such a collapse. Shares are falling not only on stock exchanges. Swiftly depreciating and human expectations, maybe even faster than securities.

Imagine, the student was an excellent student, and thenproblems with behavior started, everything went wrong, he was kicked out of school - he crashed. After a while the young man went first as a watchman, then as a janitor, then began to write excellent stories, became famous and climbed Mount Olympus. The story ended well.

So what is the collapse? This is not just a defeat, but a complete failure. In the notion of "collapse" the distance from the initial aspirations to the point of failure is important, usually in such cases this distance is impressive. Why, for example, they say about the collapse of youthful dreams and hopes? Because every young man imagines himself a genius, then life shows him who he really is. Therefore, the collapse.

Okay, enough of sadness. We now turn to word replacements.


The reader probably knows all those words that we offer as replacements. Here they are:

  • Bankruptcy.
  • Devastation.
  • Failure.
  • Failure.
  • Defeat.
  • Fiasco.
  • Defeat.

To all the words on the list, except for the fiasco, it is best to mentally add the adjectives "huge", "huge", "fundamental", "epic".

Examples of notable failures

The 1998 FIFA World Cup was a long time ago, butthose who listen to Russian rock, it's not so easy to forget it. The Chaif ​​group was so badly injured by the defeat of Jamaica with a score of 0: 5 in a match against Argentina that their leader Vladimir Shahrin wrote the song "Argentina - Jamaica 5: 0". Yes, it was a real failure. If someone wants to know what a crash is, let him reconsider the match and listen to the song. Watching football, in which there are many goals, is boring.

However, we are talking about language, so let's give a literary example of the writer's brutal defeat. Of course, Martin Eden immediately asks. But we would like to say something else.

the collapse of the meaning of the word

There is such a novel in Faulkner - "Noise and Fury." We will not retell the plot, it's a rather difficult task. The American classic called this novel his biggest failure. But do not think that it is badly written. As the author himself explains in the interview, he had the task of telling the story, and he told it on behalf of different people, and all the time he failed. This is a very complicated novel. We think he will make many readers feel a fantastic failure, in other words, collapse. Because not everyone will master it.

An example with Faulkner proves that "collapse"(we have already analyzed the meaning of the word) as a concept can be endowed with the most bizarre content. Victory can be a defeat and vice versa. Those who have not read the American classic, do not put this case on hold unless, of course, you like literary challenges.

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