/ / "Brew in your own juice": the meaning of phraseology and meaning. Who prefers to cook in his own juice?

"Brew in your own juice": the meaning of phraseology and meaning. Who prefers to cook in his own juice?

Sometimes they say: "Brew in your own juice." The meaning of phraseology in this case has nothing to do with cooking. It's a different matter. About what? We will dismantle this today.

Origin and meaning

Accurate data on the history of the occurrence of an expressionno. But we can assume that it arose as a culinary analogy. A bird or almost any other meat can be cooked without using spices. Given to itself such game, caught in the nearest market, perfectly will be prepared, relying only on the internal resources.

to stew in one's own juice the meaning of phraseology

By analogy with this example, "cook inown juice ", the meaning of phraseology can be explained as follows: it is the one (usually a person or a group of people, less often about a phenomenon or event) who lives alone and does not support anyone with anyone.

Scientists, monks and writers

No wonder scientists and monks in the same row here withwriters. These three forms of human self-expression presuppose solitude. True, there is one subtlety of the expression "to brew in your own juice." The meaning of phraseology is colored, rather, in dark colors. When a person addresses the interlocutor in this way, the first emphasizes that the second person needs to go out into the big world. It is difficult to say who is right and who is not. Someone needs to connect and share information with colleagues, and someone is so good.

the phrase stew in its own juice value

For example, monks and writers are not necessarily"To leave the room," but to scientists. On the last conversation is separate. There is a living enough myth that a man of science is a gloomy, taciturn subject who hovers in spiritual empiricisms and he does not care about others. That is, for him to cook in his own juice (the meaning of phraseology discussed above) is a natural state. But times have changed. Now gloomy scientists are an endangered species. A man of science who deliberately shies away from interacting with colleagues risks starving or living very poorly. And now nobody wants to be a beggar. True, one way or another, there are still people who prefer to cook in their own juice (the meaning of phraseology is not a mystery), and it is gratifying. The "aristocrats of the spirit" have not yet been extinct on the Russian land, although their livestock is shrinking every year.

It's another matter, writers and monks were told by God himselfTo contemplate eternity and infinity, to lead leisurely conversations with the transcendental. But writers are different. One of them manages to combine the features of both the media person and the hermit. The ingenious reader understands that we are talking about Victor Pelevin, the most fashionable writer of our time.

One way or another, the phrase "brewed in its own juice," the meaning of the expression are examined by us, and seemingly accessible, simple examples are given.

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