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Magnetic generator

Free energy is a process in which energymore is allocated than was spent, or was not spent at all. As an example of obtaining free energy, it is possible to determine its production by means of a wind generator that converts the force of wind into electricity. For the same purpose, magnetic free-energy generators are also being created, which produce it to a much greater extent. They are necessary to obtain a cheap and environmentally friendly source of energy.

The development of such a generator was handled by JohnSearle, who found that if the number of rollers located around is equal to a specific minimum number, they begin to rotate independently and the speed increases until the moment when there is a dynamic balance. Generation of energy by the generator occurs due to the effect of magnetism, based on magnetic fields, causing the magnetic rollers to rotate continuously around the magnetic rings, thus generating electricity.

The invention of Searle opened access to a new methodenergy production, which does not require material costs for the process. Magnetic generator of free energy Searle - the most important mechanism that is able to form a gravitational field and to detach from the earth. Similar properties were discovered as a result of his research. He developed a great speed and sharply soared into the air, which led to the loss of several experimental generators (disks).

There are many patents for creatingmagnetic generators. They are needed to generate cheap electricity. In addition, they are safe for the environment, they do not create any vibration, heating or noise. Nevertheless, the magnetic generator is practically not used, since a number of oil companies are not interested in the appearance of such inventions. In addition, obtaining cheap energy can negatively affect the people themselves, since many of them will lose their jobs.

Basic components

Magnetic generator is made of:

  • a moving rotor consisting of magnets, the number of which should be equal to the number of stator magnets, as well as paired magnetic cores;
  • stationary stator, also consisting of magnets, as well as 3 magnetic cores (or one single of transformer iron). A removable coil is mounted on the magnetic circuit.

As permanent magnets when creatinggenerators are often used neodymium mineral, consisting of alloys of neodymium and boron. This mineral is quite rare, it can be found in China. It is highly resistant to external demagnetization fields, which ensures uninterrupted power production and is therefore so ideal for creating such devices. The power of the generator with neodymium magnets can reach 1 kvat.

Principle of operation

The magnetic generator works by means of a magneticfield, which as a result of the motion is converted into electricity. With a constant rotation of the copper wire coils located next to the magnetic field, an electric charge is generated in the wire. To generate energy, generators with static coils and a moving magnetic field can be created. To obtain constant movement, magnets are used. By virtue of their polarity, repulsion occurs and motion occurs.

The magnetic generator uses three typesmagnets. The first two are used to generate polarity, and the third is needed to create a field that drives the motor into continuous rotation. At the same time, in order for the magnetic generator to work, there is no need for another source of energy.

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