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Machine gun "Vulkan" - electric drive and six deadly trunks

The idea of ​​multi-barreled rapid-fire weaponsemerged in the XV century and found its embodiment in some of the artillery pieces of that time. With obvious advantage, this type of guns did not get accustomed and was, rather, an exotic illustration of the course of design thought, than a real effective system for shooting.


In the XIX century the inventor R. Gatling from Connecticut, engaged in agricultural machinery, and later became a doctor, received a patent for a "turret-battery rifle". He was a kind person and believed that, having received such a terrible weapon, humanity will come to its senses and, fearing the numerous victims, will cease to fight at all.

The main innovation in Gatling's polygonconsisted in using the force of gravity to automatically feed the cartridges and extract the shells. A naive inventor could not even imagine that his offspring would become a prototype of a super-fast machine gun in the middle and second half of the 20th century.

six-barreled volcano

The development of technical thought after the Korean Warled to the emergence of new weapons for aviation. The swift speeds of the MiGs and the Sabers left the pilots with too little time for careful aiming, and the number of guns and machine guns could not be very large. The rate of fire was limited by the fact that the trunks overheated. The way out of this engineering impasse was the six-barrel machine gun "Vulkan" M61, ripened just in time for a new slaughterhouse, the Vietnam War.

With each decade the duration of combatcontact between opponents is reduced. The one who managed to release more charges and started shooting first, has more chances to survive. Mechanical devices in this situation simply can not cope, so the Vulcan machine gun is equipped with an electric drive of 26 kW, rotating the barrels that produce 20-mm shells in turn, as well as an electric ignition system for primers. This solution allows you to fire at a speed of up to 2000 rounds per minute, and in the "turbo" mode - 4200.

nerf machine gun volcano

The "Vulkan" machine gun is rather massive and intendedprimarily for aviation, although it can also be used in ground-based air defense systems. Originally it was installed on the Starfighter of Lockheed, but later they were equipped with the A-10 attack aircraft. As an additional artillery container, it was suspended and under the fuselage of the Phantom F-4, after it became clear that with maneuverable air combat one missile could not be dispensed with. The weight of 190 kg is not a joke, and it is even without ammunition, which requires a lot at such a rate of fire, so children's toys "Nemf-machine gun" Vulkan ", shooting arrows, with a prototype have little in common.

In the maintenance of this weapon is relatively easy,the design is made as practical as possible. To charge the Vulcan machine gun, you need to remove it, but it's easy to do. Problems arose in the 50's, when the exploration work was carried out. A large number of shells create a powerful return, which resulted in difficulties with piloting.

In the USSR, the creation of a multi-Arms began a dozen years later than in the US. The answer to the "Vulcan" machine gun was anti-aircraft automatic guns 6K30GSH, AK-630M-2 and other artillery systems, which have a high density of fire. Some improvements in the creation of the initial and working torque, provide certain technical and operational advantages, but the design is based on the same principle of Gatling.

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