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Symbolic monument "The legend of the Perm bear"

In the heart of the Siberian city of Perm there is a monument named "The Legend of the Perm Bear". Why does the sculpture have such a strange name and who has the idea to make such an original monument?

Misconceptions and facts

It's no secret that simple foreigncitizens know very little about Russia. Basically, their knowledge is limited to words such as grandmother, balalaika, vodka, Putin. And they are sure that all Russians are wearing hats, ear-flaps, and at the same time loudly swear.

the legend of the Perm bear

To all the lucky ones who could visitgreat power, it was possible to learn the real life of the Russian people, but in the public understanding the myth took root long ago and for a long time. The same Americans are sure that bears roam along the streets of Russian cities.

The first version of "Legends of the Perm Bear"

It was this delusion that led the sculptorVladimir Pavlenko make a monument to the symbol of Russia. It is noteworthy that the owner of the Siberian taiga is depicted on the coat of arms of the city. According to Catherine II, the majestic beast best characterized the inhabitants of the city of Perm.

the legend of the Perm bear

"Legend of the Perm bear" turned out to be a greata sculpture made of solid stone. Mihailo Potapich weighed 2.5 tons and looked very solid, as befits such a majestic animal. In September 2006, the official opening of the monument. He was located on Lenin Street, near the Perm Regional Philharmonic. The townspeople felt the warmest feelings for the bear and even brought him sweet treats. Almost every native inhabitant and visitor of the city wished to be photographed with the "Legend of the Perm Bear".

Moving in

In October 2008, the monument was removed, and in JuneThe townspeople saw their favorite elsewhere. "Legend of the Perm bear" was installed opposite the Central Department Store. The new bear was cast from bronze and became more realistic than its predecessor. The pose of the walking bear was decided to be preserved. The people immediately came to believe that if you rub the nose of a bear, then the desire will certainly come true. In a short time, dreamers polished the owner of the taiga not only with his nose, but with his ears.

the legend of Permian bear Perm

The previous monument stood on the ground. A new bear stands proudly on a concrete pedestal, lifting his left paw. This position implies that the economy of Perm is developing dynamically. Bear in a short time became a symbol of the city and the most popular place for tourists. A brown handsome man brings luck to everyone who strokes his majestic body. Shake the paw of the bronze beast every day, no less than 500 people come.

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