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Kutuzov, a brief biography of the Field Marshal General

Among the figures of outstanding people who dedicated theirlife to the service of the Fatherland, the personality of Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov is of genuine interest. A man who managed not only to repel, but also defeat one of the greatest geniuses of military affairs, Napoleon Bonaparte, simply can not but arouse admiration and respect among descendants. For those who do not know who Kutuzov is, the brief biography of Field Marshal General will be very useful and instructive.

kutuzov short biography
Childhood and youth

Mikhail Kutuzov was born into the family of a military engineer. From the earliest years the boy showed a craving for knowledge. His favorite classes were mathematics and foreign languages. Entering the Noble Artillery School, Kutuzov quickly became accustomed and soon became one of her best students. At the age of 16 Kutuzov begins to serve as adjutant of the Revel governor-general. However, after six months in the rank of ensign, he continues his career in active military service. Moving fast enough in ranks, in 1864 Kutuzov, in the rank of captain, gets to Poland.


Kutuzov, whose short biography is incapableto contain in himself all the dangerous moments of his life, in August 1774 in a battle with the Turkish landing near Alushta received a heavy bullet wound in the head. Doctors did not believe that Kutuzov could survive, but the young organism soon went on to recover, and treatment in Austria on the personal decree of Catherine II restored the young man's ability to serve the Motherland. The second time Kutuzov was wounded in the head during the siege of Ishmael in 1788, where a bullet hit his eye.

Michail Kutuzov short biography
Diplomatic activity

Kutuzov, whose short biography has andlittle-known facts, was also a good diplomat. In 1793 he was appointed ambassador to Constantinople. In addition, he later commands land forces in Finland, and in 1802 became Governor-General of St. Petersburg.

The foreign campaign of 1805

Nominally heading the campaign of 1805, Kutuzov(a brief biography of the Field Marshal General contains such data) first collided face to face with the military genius of Napoleon. It is not known how the war would end if the army really commanded Kutuzov, but the excessive ambitions of Alexander I led to the defeat and the signing of the humiliating Tilsit Peace.

The Turkish War of 1806-1812

In the midst of the war in 1809, Russian troops failed to take the Turkish fortress Brailov, which played a strategic role. The guilty in an unsuccessful assault were Kutuzov, and he was removed from the army.

kutuzov mihail illarionovich brief biography
The War of 1812

After the unsuccessful start of the war, Alexander I wasforced to appoint a new commander-in-chief of the Russian army. They became Mikhail Kutuzov. A brief biography of the commander testifies that this decision of the king was completely justified. After giving the French a general battle near Borodino, the Russian troops were forced to surrender the capital - Moscow. However, thanks to the precisely calculated Kutuzov plan, the enemy was forced to retreat, and this retreat turned into a shameful escape.

Death of the general

Pursuing the remnants of Napoleon's army on April 13, 1813year in the city of Buntslau on the border of Poland and Germany, the Russian army suffered a great loss - the commander in chief, Kutuzov Mikhail Illarionovich, died. A brief biography of the commander says that the coffin with the body of the general-field marshal was carried by soldiers throughout Moscow. Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov was buried in the Kazan Cathedral of Moscow.

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