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Camomile flower field: description and useful properties

Chamomile field is familiar to everyone from childhood. From these flowers weave wreaths, make bouquets, prepare infusions, able to heal many diseases. And among young people, it is very common to divulge chamomile for love and fulfill desire.

Description and useful properties of chamomile

chamomile field
Camomile field belongs to the family of astrope,grows up to 30-60 cm in height. These are annuals and perennials, which are quite common in the wild, in flower gardens and in suburban areas. Flowers are appreciated for their modest beauty and useful properties. There are many kinds, and they are all used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

The leaves, stems and flowers contain vitaminsB, C, E, K, essential oil, protein, tanning and tarry substances, carotene, salicylic, stearic, palmitic and oleic acids, glucose, bitterness. Drugs and infusions, which include chamomile, have the following properties:

chamomile flowers field

  • expectorant;
  • anesthetizing;
  • anti-allergic;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • laxative;
  • diaphoretic;
  • antibacterial.
  • choleretic;
  • diuretic;
  • soothing.

In addition, with the help of herbalget rid of the headache, adjust the digestive tract, improve the skin and strengthen the nervous system. That's how huge these flowers can bring. Chamomile field is also used as a remedy for treating colds and stabilizing the menstrual cycle.

Cultivation, care, reproduction

Modest daisies prefer to grow in the penumbra,they need a nutrient medium and well-drained soil. If plants are planted in the soil with a low content of minerals, it will be necessary to feed them regularly with fertilizers of organic and mineral origin. Watering is recommended in the first days after planting or during intense heat.

When are the chamomile flowers in the field? This process occurs at the end of spring and early summer. To chamomiles pleased you as long as possible, you must regularly break off the discolored baskets. It is recommended to update the planting approximately every 5 years, since in time the decorative plant begins to resemble a wild culture and can turn into a weed.

Chamomile field breeds by dividing bushes or seeds. In autumn, seeds are planted in the soil, and in the spring - in a special substrate for seedlings.

Collection and application

when the chamomile flowers in the field
Chamomile blossoms from May to early autumn,for such a long period it is possible to collect about 6 times to collect inflorescences. Dry the grass in the shade, but in the open air, and store no more than a year in canvas bags, paper bags or boxes.

Camomile field is used for cookingtherapeutic tea, which is recommended to drink in intestinal disorders, gastritis and ulcers. In chamomile tea, you can add sugar, milk or honey and drink it during insomnia, extreme fatigue or nervous tension.

During pregnancy, many medicinal herbsare contraindicated. However, chamomile is allowed to be used externally by future moms, adding to compresses for douching, compresses and medical baths. Take infusions of chamomile inside with caution, because this plant stimulates the activity of the ovaries and can provoke miscarriage or late delivery.

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