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Choice of youth - pocket hookahs

Fans of hookahs appreciated their reduced "copy", which is convenient to carry around. And there is an opinion that pocket mini-hookahs are less harmful than the usual cigarettes.

What is so attractive about such smoking devices? And are they really harmless?

What are the features of pocket hookahs?

The first thing to note is, of course, the compactness of small hookahs. These devices are convenient to use anywhere, even while traveling in the car.

Because of their size, the devices are easy to assemble and clean.

pocket hookah photo

During smoking, sparks of fire do not scatter in all directions, which makes the process safe. Yes, and a smoking hookah will be faster.

A small hookah is a stylish solution for those who like to puff, wherever they are. The devices are made in various shapes and colors.

One can not but note the significantly lower cost of pocket mini-hookahs, in comparison with their usual "brethren".

Pocket devices exist in the form of:

  • habitual to all hookahs;
  • jars of tin material;
  • elongated tube.

The principle of the device of ordinary hookahs

Ordinary small hookahs are arranged similarly large, but with slight differences:

  1. The shaft and the flask are represented by a single piece.
  2. The tobacco bowl is made with an integrated seal.
  3. There is a strap, with which a pocket hookah is comfortable to wear.

All the rest (a tube with a mouthpiece, caps) is identical to the usual hookahs.

mini pocket hookah

The rules for collecting

Since pocket hookahs are mobile devices, they can be taken with you wherever you go. Therefore, they must be assembled in a matter of minutes. There is it as follows:

  1. Pour the smoking liquid into the flask.
  2. The tube is placed in water. Here the principle, as in a conventional hookah, is that the water level on the tube should not exceed 2 cm.
  3. Put the sealant, fasten the cup firmly, into which the tobacco is laid.
  4. Install a cup for coals and cover it with a lid or cap.
  5. Attach the hose and mouthpiece, enjoy smoking.

As you can see, the assembly is carried out in the same way as in the usual type of hookah.

Pocket electronic hookah in the form of a tube

In shops you can buy mini-hookahs, made in the form of a tube, in which the water compartment is made of glass. This device is very light, comfortable in the hand due to its compactness.

Inside there is a nargile, intended for filtering smoke from nicotine and the products of the decomposition of combustion. Nargile also cools the smoke, giving a pleasant chill by inhalation.

In a compartment for water it is possible to pour milk, juice or wine.

Some models of the handheld device are equipped with a temperature sensor and a warning light on the imminent discharge of the hookah.

pocket hookahs

Harm caused by the device

Numerous reviews of the owners of pocket hookahs indicate that the devices are rather harmful to health. What are they dangerous?

  • Despite the smoke filtration system, when smoking into the lungs still get harmful substances - nicotine and ammonium. These components cause a strong addiction, flowing into dependence.
  • Contained in tobacco smoke, propylene glycol adversely affects human DNA, causing its restructuring.
  • Frequent smoking of mini-hookah leads to the development of cancer tumors.
  • The product is not subject to mandatory certification, therefore the composition stated on the package may differ significantly from the actual content of the components.
  • Smoking device is addictive at the subconscious level.

Advantages of the device

Even with a substantial list of drawbacks hookah, the pros still have it.

  • You can fill small hookahs with non-nicotine cartridges.
  • Smoking device can be used inpublic places, without causing discomfort to others, since the smoke does not have a sharp, pronounced smell. In addition, after using the hookah on his hands will not remain an unpleasant odor.
  • In smoke, there are no decomposition products of combustion: carbon monoxide and resins.


Pocket hookahs, the photos of which are given in this article, are made in different versions, so each smoker will pick up something for himself.

pocket electronic hookah

Despite its attractive, stylishdesign, compactness and filtering part, the mini-hookah is still dangerous to health, although it is considered a "harmless" device. This new, bright "trap" for smokers is gaining in popularity every year.

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