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The thickest child in the world: cute or terrible?

The thickest child in the world - cute or just scary? The Guinness Book of Records collection was replenished by another heavyweight representative. 60 kilos in three

the world's thickest child
weighs the world's biggest baby! While the average kid at this age is gaining 14-16 kg, the champion managed to outstrip his peers fourfold.

The thickest child in the world was born not somewhere, but in China. At birth, he surprised no one with his modest 2.6 kilograms. This is the normal weight for a newborn. But after three months, little Lu Hao, the boy's name, began to grow rapidly. The thing is, as the parents say, that the baby is crying out loud, is capricious and does not calm down until he is fed. Therefore, they did not think of anything better than giving him food in unlimited quantities, if only he did not cry. And as a result of this kind of "buy-back" from the child, a three-year-old boy weighs like an adult ordinary man in China. Only during dinner, the thickest child in the world eats more parents: three full bowls of rice. His father, Lou Yucheng, who is already struggling to raise his son, tells about it. And his mother, Chen Yuan, is completely unable to shake his beloved child in the arms. Over the past year, Lu Hao scored another ten kilograms. Parents try to teach the baby to a healthy diet, monitor the

the thickest child in the world
diet and limit it in food, but they still do not do it well. The world's most fat child in China still retains its dubious title. What will happen next is not yet known.

Of course, the world's thickest child experiencesdifficulties with movement. It's hard for him to walk, because of his heavy weight, he suffers from severe shortness of breath. For walks and kindergarten, Lu Hao is driven by a motorcycle with a stroller. Father and mother are trying to accustom the boy to mobile games. But the game of basketball does not interest him, and aerobics and swimming in the river do not bring any visible results. Parents spent a lot of time and energy

the biggest child in the world
for consultations and examinations of doctors. But even Chinese doctors, despite their centuries-old experience, did not come to a consensus on such a "healthy" appetite of the child and rapid weight gain. They suggest that the cause of obesity are hormonal abnormalities, but there is no precise diagnosis yet.

The story of Lu Hao is very similar to the case in the US. American girl Jessica Leonard weighed by seven years 222 kilograms. The telecasts about Jessica in due time have caused the big resonance all over the world. The result of this public response was the clinic, in which the girl spent one and a half years. During this time, with physical exercises and a strict diet, she lost weight by 140 kilograms and continues to lose weight. She still has to undergo a series of operations on the joints and to remove excess skin. However, the problem of obesity in the US now is very acute, and the case with Jessica was the first swallow.

In the meantime, the world's thickest child steadilygaining extra pounds, his parents look to the future with fear, worrying about the life of their son. It remains only to hope that this story will also have a happy ending, and Lu Hao will someday start to lose weight. But, of course, without the influence of parents, it will be practically impossible to do this.

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