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Ariana Grande without makeup: photo of starlet outside the glamorous party

Ariana Grande is famous for its ambitiousness: despite the young age (a girl from America - 23 years old), she managed to prove herself as a singer, actress, model and composer. Grande first appeared on the Broadway stage (musical "13"), but the real popularity came after the roles in "Victory Victory" and the sitcom "Sam and Keith."

Photo of Ariana Grande without makeup

Starletka will give odds to any celebrity: the young actress is not afraid to appear paparazzi without a professional make-up. We must give credit to the singer: Ariana Grande without makeup looks fresh and appetizing.

ariana grande without makeup

Unlike the Broadway tracks, the indispensablean attribute which is a well-groomed appearance and a lot of makeup on her face on the series for young filmmakers did not seek to hide the true nature of woman. Brown-eyed beauty with a slightly slanting eyes without a trace of embarrassment tells journalists about his flaws: "Yes, I do not ideal, but what can be more boring than a model similar to each other like two drops of water.?".

A business card in the make-up of the Americanmultifield asterisk - focus on the eyes: arrows, eyeliner, bronze shadows. The fashionist adheres to the "golden rule" of the make-up: attention must be paid to one detail, so the lips of the singer decorate the shine or lipstick of warm pastel shades. In rare cases, in 99% - for concert performances, she allows herself a fashionable dark lips in grunge style. Ariana Grande without makeup was repeatedly seen on the page of social networks - the photo from the web camera of the singer is laid out to her personally.

Filmography Grande: from "The Queen of Scream" to "The Winner"

Ariana Grande likes to star in the youth series: sitcoms brought glory to the starlet.

For the first time the audience remembered Grande in 2009: the role of the harmless "fool" Kat Valentine in the "Victory Victory" was one of the main, and the series took the first place in the ratings channel "Nickelodeon."

The second significant work of Grande - sitcom "Sam andKate. "This is the third on the semantic load and the final series, narrating about the relationship between girlfriends Packet and Valentine.Nikelodeon stopped the musical story in 36 series 1 season, canceling the continuation.

Ariana grande without make-up and photoshop

In sitcoms Ariana Grande without makeup and photoshop flashed in the frame more often than modern schoolgirls - a young actress should not be afraid of outbreaks of cameras, because the singer looks great.

Another notable role of the beginning actress -an ideological series "The Queen of Scream", narrating about the murders in the women's university club. Ariana played "Chanel number 2" - one of the favorites of the Queen "Kappa Kappa Tau."

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

Oh yeah! Beauty gossips because of careless performance on the stage have already attributed the novel to Justin Bieber himself - and this despite the fact that the singer at that time met with the top model Kendall Jenner. The reason for the rumors about the intrigue between the stars was the joint performance of the track "Love me harder", during which Bieber did not miss the opportunity to unequivocally pull himself to the old "friend" and gently kiss the girl.

Ariana Grande refuted rumors about the novel. The singer confirmed the connection with the rapper Bean Sean, but six days after the incident, the couple broke up unexpectedly.

The hayters have already dubbed the Grande "Selenium No. 2",referring to the similarity between the stars: both young, ambitious, starred in musical series. Ariana Grande without makeup is not inferior in attractiveness Gomez.

photo Ariana grande without makeup

Selene refused to comment on the incident, citing the fact that "everything that is connected with Justin, she is no longer interested."

Gomez, Grande or Cyrus: what are the glories of the starlets?

Actress, singer, scandalist - each of themgives preference to a certain category. Miley Cyrus is a half-naked girl show, she will rather eat her own clothes than dress properly. Selena Gomez blows dance floors and billboards with hits, and Ariana Grande places online photos without make-up and information about himself. All the girls are American stars with a super prefix and millions on the bills.

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