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Anna - the most common female name in the world

There are a lot of names in the world. Only in the Bible they are mentioned more than three thousand. Among them there is the most common female name for many centuries and even millennia - Anna. Besides him, the name of the Virgin Mary always enjoyed great popularity among women. By the way, Anna was called the mother of the Blessed Virgin. Of course, these names are pronounced in different ways among different peoples. For example, in English Mary sounds like Mary, and Anna - Ann, and in other languages ​​differently, but nevertheless throughout the history of mankind these names have always been the most popular among many peoples. In eastern cultures, especially in China, girls were called in honor of flowers, for example, Chrysanthemum or Peony.

the most common female name
The meaning of the name Anna

So what does the most commonfemale name? It is found in the Old Testament and, naturally, has Hebrew roots. The name comes from the Hebrew word hanna, which means "grace," or "the mercy of God." As mentioned above, that was the name of Maria's mother, who after many years of infertility finally managed to give birth to her daughter. From the point of view of sounding, this name evokes only positive emotions, creates a feeling of something bright and kind. Women who wear it are patient and open-minded. The stories are familiar to many royal persons bearing this name. In Russia it became popular after the adoption of Christianity. By the way, that was the name of the wife of Prince Vladimir of Kiev, the baptizer of Rus.

Celebrities wearing the most common female name - Anna

  1. Anna Byzantine (wife of Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko).
  2. Anne of Austria is the queen of France.
  3. Anna Stewart is the Queen of England.
  4. Anna Ioannovna is a Russian queen.
  5. Anna Pavlova is a Russian ballerina.
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  6. Anna Akhmatova is a Russian poetess.
  7. Anna Magnani is an Italian actress.
  8. Anna Netrebko is an opera singer.
  9. Anna Herman is a famous pop singer.
  10. Anna Kern is the muse of Pushkin and others.

List of common female names in Russia

What other female names are popular in our country? Below is a list of them.

  1. Anastasia.
  2. Anna.
  3. Alexandra.
  4. Maria.
  5. Pauline.
  6. Elena.
  7. Daria.
  8. Olga.
  9. Marina.
  10. Natalia.
  11. Catherine.
  12. Victoria.
  13. Elizabeth.
  14. Nina.

The most common female names in 2013

the most common female names are 2013
Leader among the female names that were namedgirls born in 2013 were the name Sofia (Sofia). The second step is taken by the name Maria (Masha), and on the third - Anastasia (Nastya). As you can see, all these are the names of Russian tsarinas or grand princesses. Also popular are the names of Elizabeth and Catherine. As for the name Anna, then, despite the fact that this is the most common female name in the world, it could not enter the top three. Nevertheless, it was quite often met during the registration of newborns in 2013. In the name of Victoria parents like to call their girls in the hope that they will be the winners in life. However, the list also includes foreign harmonious names: Diana, Cristina, Angela, Angelina, Marianna, Daniela, Eva, Evelina, Elina, etc. By the way, there is a tendency to call daughters the Old Russian names: Lada, Varvara, Pelagia, Agrippina, etc.

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