/ / Metro station "Street Nizhny Novgorod." Metro in the street Nizhny Novgorod

The metro station "Ulitsa Nizhegorodskaya". Metro in the street Nizhny Novgorod

For 2018, the opening of a new lineMoscow metro - Kozhukhovskaya. In the Moscow metro, it will be the fifteenth, and on the scheme will be indicated by a pink color. One of the stations of the Kozhukhovskaya line is "Nizhegorodskaya Street". The metro will be located on the same street. How will the pavilion of the new station look like? What is next to the subway under construction?

the Nizhny Novgorod metro

Architectural features

In the interior of the station there will be motives,characteristic of the architecture of Nizhny Novgorod. In the photo, presented in the article, you can see how the pavilion will look like. But neither the first nor the second image shows any decorative elements. Perhaps, only in 2018 will the inhabitants of Moscow learn about what the station "Street Nizhegorodskaya" looks like.

The metro is being built in the east of the city. It will be located on one of the largest Moscow streets. Below is a description of some of the facilities located near the new station.

Nizhny Novgorod Metro Street

Nizhny Novgorod street

The metro will be located on one of the largeststreets of Moscow. Built this street was in the seventeenth century, but the modern name was in the 20s of last century. Two hundred or three hundred years ago, along with Taganskaya, was part of Gzhelskaya Street, Nizhny Novgorod.

The metro will open near the Small RingThe railway. From there you can get to the beginning of the Nizhegorodskaya Street, where the Taganskaya metro station is located, today you can use land transport. But on this section of the eastern highway there are always traffic jams. The opening of new metro stations will allow Muscovites and guests of the capital to save considerable time.

Shopping center "City" is nearunder construction of the station "Nizhegorodskaya Street". The metro will open on the street, passing to Taganskaya, where there are several interesting places. For example, Pokrovsky Monastery. It is located near the metro station "Taganskaya". But the inhabitants of the Moscow region will be much easier to visit it when the metro station "Nizhegorodskaya Street" opens. As already mentioned, it will be held in 2018. Then, "Nekrasovka", and "Dmitrievsky's Street", and "Luhmanovskaya", and "Southeast" will also open. Residents of areas in which new metro stations will be located, will soon be able to reach the Pokrovsky Monastery in just 30-40 minutes. Below is a brief description of this temple. But first you need to talk about the facility, which is in the immediate vicinity of the station under construction.

Shopping center "Gorod"

There are only two such stores in Moscow. One is located in Lefortovo. The second one is on Ryazan Avenue, very close to the future station "Nizhegorodskaya Street". The shopping center includes many large and small shops. Among them: "Shoes of the XXI century", Oggi, Zara, "Your". On the third floor there are fast-food restaurants (Teremok, McDonald's, Kroshka Kartoshka, etc.).

 subway station

The shopping center is open every day from 8.30 to 22.30. Address: Ryazan Avenue, 2. 2. k. 2. To date, to get to the "City" from the center of Moscow can be from the metro station "Taganskaya" by route taxi No. 316m, No. 63m, No. 463m. With the opening of the metro station "Nizhegorodskaya street" it will be easier to get to the shopping center. In addition, a transition to the third transfer line will be built at this station. Perhaps, after two or three years, land transport in the capital will be less in demand, and there will be less congestion on the road.

Pokrovsky Monastery

This temple is located at: street Taganskaya, house 58. From the metro station, which opens in 2018, to the monastery several kilometers. But still it is worth talking about it. After all, every day they come here not only from the Moscow region, but also from other cities of Russia.

Even in the early morning at the walls of the monastery, you canwatch the queue. It is occupied by people who come from different parts of the country. In the monastery are the relics of Saint Matrona. People whose relatives suffer from an incurable disease turn to the righteous. There are several cases of healing that can not be scientifically explained. The monastery works daily. But it's better to take the queue to the relics of Saint Matrona at seven-eight in the morning, which will be much easier after the opening of new stations of the Kozhukhovskaya subway line.

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