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At the source of Pechora: where is the source and mouth of the Pechora River

The territory of the Russian Federation is rich in waterresources. Volga, Yenisei, Lena, Irtysh, Ob - how many majestic rivers are in our country. On the northern outskirts of the Ural mountains there flows Pechora - one of the most full-flowing rivers of the North of Russia.

In the article we will talk about where the source andthe mouth of the Pechora River. Its length is about 1800 km, the pool has an area of ​​more than 320 thousand square kilometers. The river is divided into four sections: from the source to the river Ilych - the upper, between Ilych and Usoy - the middle, from Usy to the village of Oksino - the lower, estuary site.

The source of Pechora

Many are interested in where the source and the mouth liesthe Pechora River. A river is born in the Northern Urals, in its western mountains from the south-eastern side of the Komi Republic. This is a secret place in one of the largest biosphere reserves in Russia - Pechoro-Ilych, near the Manpupuner board - the great miracle of nature. The mountain with which it originates is called Pecher-Ya-Talyah-Sahl - so in the Mansi language the phrase "The river that gave birth to Pechora" sounds. Here, where the source of the Pechora River is located, the water artery is a small stream, tending down the lichen and moss-covered mountain. Below the stream becomes a real mountain river with a strong current and large rapids.

where is the source and mouth of the Pechora River

Between Pechora and the river Big Shim (its rightinflow) mainly karst relief, there are a lot of grottos, dips and caves (it is believed that the name of the river comes from the Old Russian "cave"). When merging with the river Unya Pechora loses its mountainous character. From the village of Yakshi, it begins to flow along the Pechora lowland between the steep banks. When merging with the Usa River, a delta with a width of about 2 km is formed, hence the wide floodplain meadows begin.

The mouth of the Pechora

Approximately 1.5 kilometers to the mouth of Pechorasplits into the Big Pechora and Malaya Pechora. In the Naryan-Mar district (administrative center of the Nenets Autonomous District), the river forms a delta 45 km wide and leaves for the Pechora Bay - the beginning of the Barents Sea is the mouth of Pechora. The confluence of the Pechora in the Barents Sea is so wide that it is called the Pechora Sea. At its core, this is part of the Barents Sea, southeast. Pechora abundantly feeds the Barents Sea with fresh water (about 130 cubic km).

From June to October, when Pechora is freeice, the mouth of the river serves as a navigable route for industrial and navigable ships. Fisheries are available not only where the source and mouth of the Pechora River is located, but also throughout the river basin.

where is the source of the Pechora River

The Great River of the Russian North

Pechora is the largest water artery of the RussianNorth. It supplies the population not only with fresh water, but also with fish. Where the source and mouth of the Pechora River is located, virgin forests belonging to UNESCO protected sites are hidden. This is the only forest biocenosis in Europe, until now untouched by man.

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