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The most delicious hookah recipes

Smoking hookah for many people has become pleasantentertainment. Usually fans of this type of recreation acquire ready-mixes in stores, not knowing that they can be easily manufactured by themselves. From our article you will learn the hookah recipes, as well as some secrets of tobacco making.

Apple bowl

Recipes for hookah cooking are not too complicated,but you need patience and skill. Note that you can not get the desired result from the first time, so make a stock of the right ingredients in a double size.

What we need:

  • Solid green apple (preferably acid varieties).
  • Water.
  • Chilled apple juice.
  • Crushed ice.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Tobacco mixture "Double apple", "Melon", "Plum" or "Mint".

recipes of hookah

The recipe for tobacco for shisha you will learn when you read the following instructions:

  • First, treat the apple - cut outcore with a special knife, and then cut the top of the fruit. After this, make a groove in the pulp resembling a funnel. Note that the walls should not be too thin, and the cut does not go below the middle.
  • After that, make a filter that will beprotect the hookah mine from getting tobacco. To do this, take a piece of apple five millimeters thick and make several holes in it with a toothpick. Thanks to this action, air can safely circulate during the smoking process.
  • Place the filter on the bottom of the apple funnel, and pour on the tobacco on it.
  • Close the apple bowl with foil and fix the design with toothpicks. Do not forget to make a hole in the center of the last sheet.

Put the coal in the center so that the apple does not let the juice and does not become too soft.

Hookah on milk. Recipe

Trying different options and ways of cookingmix, you will sooner or later find your favorite taste. So do not be afraid to experiment, read the hookah recipes and implement them. For this option, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Ready mix "Watermelon", "Lotus", "Melon" or "Vanilla".
  • Water.
  • Vanilla.
  • Ice.
  • Low-fat milk.
  • Fresh or frozen strawberries (strawberry syrup is also suitable).

Tobacco recipe for hookah

How to cook:

  • Cool the milk in the freezer, do not forget to shake it periodically. The product will be ready when ice cubes appear in it.
  • If you use frozen berries, then wait until they are thawed.
  • Cut the strawberries into slices.
  • Pour into the flask of the hookah chilled milk,add ice and cut berries. Remember that the bulb can burst from a temperature drop. Therefore, it should also be cooled in advance, by placing it under running water for a while.
  • Add a couple drops of vanilla and a little strawberry syrup (optional).
  • Load the tobacco into the flask. Try using several types at once, determining the proportion to your own taste.
  • Soak the tobacco with milk and remember it with your hands a little - you can skip this step if you are afraid of burning and the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

If, during smoking, the milk starts to foam and the foam gets into the tube, drain some liquid and dilute it with water.

Turkish Hookah

This recipe is very popular in Turkey, as all the ingredients combine very harmoniously. Take:

  • Ice.
  • The water.
  • Five lemons.
  • Tobacco with the taste of apple, cherry, mint and coffee.

mixes for shisha recipes

How to cook:

  • Juice of lemons squeeze into a cup, mix it with chilled water and add ice.
  • Mix the prepared tobacco in chilim.

Strawberry Cloud


  • Ice.
  • Milk.
  • Water.
  • Tobacco with a taste of vanilla and strawberry.


  • Mix the types of tobacco in equal proportions, and then place them in the chilim.
  • Pour cold milk and water into the flask, add crushed ice.

Recipe for "Lemon Apple"

For cooking hookah, you can use an apple bowl or simply fill the flask with a prepared mixture.

What we need this time:

  • Mixture of tobacco "Lemon and apple", "Double apple and lemon", "Apple with cloves and lemon" or "Mint, apple and lemon".
  • Crushed ice.
  • Cherry juice.
  • Milk.
  • Finely chopped green apple.
  • Lemon, orange or lime.
  • Lemon charcoal.


  • Cool the lemon juice, and then combine it with water, grated apple and a pinch of cinnamon. As a result, a fairly thick mass should be obtained.
  • Cut the tobacco and mix it with the lemon base. It will be better if you lay it in layers.
  • Pour the mixture on top with milk.

Citrus pleasure

For the preparation of shisha with a refreshing effectyou will need tobacco with the taste of lemon, orange or lime. Also you will need any fresh fruit (citrus) crust, which must be cut into small pieces. Fill one third of the bowl with a skin, and the rest with tobacco. If desired, you can add tobacco with mint flavor. Mix the prepared foods and add a few drops of lemon juice to them.

mixes for shisha recipes

Pour cold water into the flask, add ice and a few slices of lemon (they can be squeezed into the flask beforehand). For this recipe, lemon coal or any other that does not have a taste is perfect.

Hookah water recipe

This is perhaps the most popular contenthookah flask. The water in this case serves as a filter, since resins settle in it. As a result of its use, the smoke becomes cleaner and more fragrant. Try to prepare a classic version, which is called "Orchard".


  • Water.
  • Ice.
  • Tobacco with a taste of cherries and apples.


  • Put in the bowl a mixture of different types of tobacco, cooked in equal proportions.
  • Fill the flask with water and ice.

Despite the simplicity of the preparation, the taste of the hookah turns out to be rich and pleasant.

"Cherry Twilight"

The original taste can be achieved if you use the following ingredients for cooking hookah:

  • Water.
  • Cherry juice.
  • Sliced ​​apple slices.
  • Grapes
  • Crushed ice.
  • Coconut charcoal.
  • Mixture of tobacco "Cherry and Grapes", "Cherry and Rose" or "Cherry and Apple".

mixes of tobacco for shisha recipes

The recipe for making tobacco for hookah read on:

  • Pack the juice with the juice in the freezer and wait until it freezes. Periodically get it out of the fridge and shake it.
  • When the time is right, pour the juice into a flask and add ice.
  • Crush several grapes and add them to the liquid.
  • Cut the apple into small pieces. Also send the stock into the flask.
  • Cut the tobacco mixture large enough to leave large fragments of leaves - so the flavor will be more saturated.
  • Lay the tobacco in a flask in layers, placing between them slices of apple and crushed grapes.

To enhance the fragrance, you can put a few dry cherry leaves between the coals.

Hookah with alcohol

As you know, the taste of the liquid that you are pouringin a flask, perfectly transmitted along with the smoke. So if you want to give the fragrance an originality, then use alcohol for cooking. Hookah recipes read below:

  • Pour champagne, water and Red Bull into the flask,put the ice. Mix in the chilim tobacco with the taste of forest berries and plums (in this case we need equal proportions). Light a hookah slowly, since such a fragrance quickly hits the head.
  • Dilute the red wine with water and pour the liquid inflask. Put tobacco in the bowl with the taste of forest berries. As a result, you will get very fragrant smoke that will help you relax and make the evening romantic.

recipes for cooking hookah

  • Place the tobacco with melon and mint flavor, and pour the champagne into the flask and put the ice.
  • For this recipe, you will need apricot tobacco, white rum and water. Mix the liquids, and then pour them into the flask.
  • Chilim fill with tobacco "Apple" or "Double Apple". After that, fill the flask with a chilled mixture of champagne and freshly squeezed apple juice.

Mixtures for shisha

Next, we want to talk about the different tastes of ready-made tobacco, as well as how they can be combined with other types:

  • Apricot. Such tobacco has a rather sweet and sweet taste. If you use it in its pure form, you will feel the taste of shampoo. Therefore it is better to combine it with other varieties. For example, with vanilla and mint. A good result you get if you mix apricot with melon and mint.
  • Pineapple differs pleasant taste, from it it is possibleprepare excellent mixes for hookah. Recipes are very simple. For example, combine pineapple with cherries and melons or with forest berries. An interesting combination of pineapple gives with grapes and peach.
  • Orange. In its pure form, smoking it will not be very pleasant, since the taste is rather cloying and harsh. Therefore use such tobacco in the mixture for the hookah. Recipes for making mixes do not make you too difficult. Just mix the orange with mint and banana or add plum and vanilla to it. Another interesting option - a combination of cherries, melons and orange.
  • Watermelon. This taste is very popular, because it gives smoke a pleasant aroma. This product can also be used to make a mixture of tobacco for hookah. Recipes are simple enough: connect watermelon with melon and mint or with mango.
  • Vanilla is used to add to many fruit mixes. For example, it perfectly combines with strawberries, cola and lemon, melons and a banana.
  • Cherry. Without additives, the taste is very unfortunate and almost nobody likes it. But for the preparation of mixtures such tobacco is used quite often. For example, in combination with a rose and mint, as well as with watermelon, grapes and mint.
  • Pear. Tobacco with such a taste is very rare, so few can estimate it. If you can get it, then try a combination of pears with lemon and grapes.

hookah recipe on the water

  • Double apple. This taste is considered classic and has a lot of fans. The hookah recipes with it are also very simple. Try a combination of a double apple with a cherry or cola. You may like to combine it with cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Cappuccino gives a sharp and strong taste of coffee. Please note that after using such tobacco you will have to wash and air a hookah for a long time to remove a persistent smell. If you want to mix this kind of tobacco with others, then try adding vanilla and cinnamon, chocolate and strawberries or apple and cola to it.
  • Kiwi is a wonderful taste, which is great for mixes. You can mix it with watermelon and mint, watermelon and lemon, mint and grapes.
  • Strawberry is very popular, but prettysweet taste. It is a bit like a jam and goes well with milk. If desired, you can add to it tobacco with the taste of banana, multifruit and mint. Also, strawberries are often mixed with kiwi and mint.


As you can see, popular hookah recipes are fairly simple, and you can easily reproduce them in your home environment. Therefore, carefully read our instructions and start the experiments.

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