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Kamenki village, Nizhny Novgorod region, Bogorodsky district: description

The village of Kamenki (Nizhny Novgorod region) is a settlement,which was considered a volost center before the revolution. The name of the place is due to the abundance of stone houses. Previously it was called Kamenki Nikolsky because of the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. The history of this village is interesting, which will be discussed later.

A look into the history

Perfection of society and well-beingpeople living on the lands of Bogorodsky district, in many respects were caused by the discovery of iron deposits. It lay at a shallow depth. The extraction of iron made it possible to make an ax, plowshares. During this period, the Mordovian peoples lived on these lands.

The original Russian villages of Bogorodskydistrict were formed in the IX-X centuries. At first people settled near the rivers. They were attracted to spacious and fertile places, so that the population moved at a rapid pace.

When the village of Kamenki was founded (Bogorodskydistrict of Nizhny Novgorod region), there is no exact data. Historians believe that this is the 13th-14th centuries. The place is located on a hill. Below the river Uncor flows, it is the right water inflow of Kudmy.

Residents of the village have long made a brick, lived in stone houses. Not far from Kamenok, there is a place called Krasniy Brick Brick.

Name of the village of Kamenki, Nizhny Novgorod regionThe second version is due to the presence in this area of ​​granite stones, preserved from glacial times. These stones here were in huge numbers, of which they made foundations and were actively used in construction.

In ancient times the village was the central transport and trade point. Here was erected a monument to Alexander II, which was demolished by the Communists. Necessarily in these lands came the procession.

Kamenki Nizhny Novgorod region

Local Museum

Today the history of the village of Kamenka in the Nizhny Novgorod region is preserved in the museum, which was opened in 1986. The museum was founded on the initiative of the school teacher Priyatelev S. Ya. With the reinforcement of the state farm authorities.

The museum has 1500 exhibits reflectingfeatures of life of local settlers from ancient times. Here there are ancient finds, which are given for several thousand years, as well as old peasant clothing, household items.

The museum focuses on the story ofoutstanding personalities of these lands, workers awarded with orders and medals, participants in the war. It is known that during the war about 900 people from Kamenok left to serve, most of them never returned from the front. The names of the soldiers were painted on a monument of marble, located in the center of the village. Two of them were called heroes of the Soviet Union. This tankman Lobasov and Colonel Chigin, after whom they named the street in the settlement "Polyanka".

Particular attention is paid to the writer Eremin, who studied in Kamenki and later worked as a teacher. In the museum there are books with autographs of the author.

Every year the museum meets about 500 visitors,the bulk of them are schoolchildren. Today the museum is headed by another school teacher GI Zamotayev. Today the village administration is actively working to preserve the cultural heritage of these lands.

Bogorodsky district


In the village of Kamenka, Nizhny Novgorod region, two wooden churches were built:

  • Miracle-worker Nicholas - created roughly in the XVII century;
  • Prince Alexander Nevsky - the date of construction is unknown.

The second temple was warm, but it burned down in 1808. The Church of Nicholas was destroyed in 1820 due to its dilapidation.

In 1804 they began to build the Temple of Sophia WisdomGod of stone. In 1809, the Ilyinsky chapel was consecrated, and in 1826 the second chapel. Since ancient times, many valuable icons and spiritual literature are kept here.

Earlier Ilyinsky altar had a chapelover the burial of the elder Pyotr Dmitrievich. This ascetic was born in 1734, his father was a deacon. Peter from childhood lived in the Christian faith, went into the forest for a solitary prayer. In the forest, he built a cave where he communicated with God far from extraneous eyes. Pilgrims flocked to Peter, each of them Peter found what to say in solace and instruction. The ascetic died in 1814. On the site of his burial the chapel was erected.

In 1938, the church was given to the warehouse. It was restored by 2009, at the same time the Liturgy was held there. Today the church still needs reconstruction work, which, at times, does not have enough money. Every year a procession with the Oran icon of the Mother of God starts in Kamenki.

Kamenki village

Agricultural activities

In the Soviet years, the main enterprise of the village was the state farm "Kamensky", which was founded in 1962. In 2001, Kamenskoye received the title of one of the top 300 agricultural enterprises in Russia.

In Kamenka, several thousand hectares of land are being cultivated, there are thousands of livestock heads, and an enterprise for sorting potatoes is operating.

Kamenki Bogorodsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region

Cottage development

In 2010, in the village of Kamenka, construction of a cottage settlement "Usadba Kamenki" was started. This is a new settlement with its own infrastructure.

On its territory are conceived:

  • administrative and trading facilities;
  • fitness center;
  • artificial pond;
  • trading points;
  • parking for guests;
  • car wash points;
  • first-aid post;
  • walking grounds for children;
  • territory for walking with dogs.

The village has 24-hour security.

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The administrative institution of the village isKamensky village council. The territory of the Kamensk municipal formation has 15,570 hectares of land. Here live 2,800 permanent residents. In summer, summer residents come, and the number of residents increases three-fold.

There is a school in the village whereapproximately 300 children. There is a kindergarten with an approximate number of 50 pupils. Also open: House of folk art, hospital, post office, Sberbank branch, shopping centers, law enforcement points.

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How to get there?

The village of Kamenka is located 20 km from Nizhny Novgorod. From the federal highway P-158 to the village 4 km. Distance from Bogorodsk is 28 km.

You can get there by shuttle bus from the bus station Shcherbinka (Nizhny Novgorod), route number 208. To Chaglovo station there is an electric train in the Arzamas direction, from it to Kamenok 700 meters.

To get there by car, you need to turn from Olginsky post of DPS to the P-158 route from Nizhny Novgorod. On the way will be Near Borisov, Friendly, Vyazovka, then turn to Kamenki.

From Kamenok, you can get to Strigino International Airport in less than an hour.

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