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The best illusionists of the world

In the life of modern man, various phenomena have intertwined so closely that it is sometimes very difficult to distinguish between the real and the virtual, the present from the illusion.

illusionists of the world
The art of influencing a person's consciousness indifferent times were understood in different ways. In pre-Christian times, the art of illusionists was perceived as magic, in the Middle Ages such sorcerers were burned at the stake, during the Enlightenment, the tricks were tried to explain scientifically. At the same time, some magician illusionists tried to use their skills and treat people from certain ailments with the help of a focus.

Today these "lords of the illusionary world"stepped beyond the bounds of human understanding and create scenes that seemingly impossible things. In this article, some of the best illusionists of the world of past ages and modern times will be presented.

Nicolas-Philippe Ledru

In the distant eighteenth century, the first magician (andpart-time scientist physicist) Nicolas Ledru, acted under the pseudonym Komu. In his tricks, he widely used the laws of physics, and therefore the effect on the audience, they produced an amazing.

So, he showed a robot woman with a strangeface. Her pupils assumed the color of the eyes of the beholder in them. This robot could perform simple commands, and a mechanical hand recorded thoughts. The doll was horrifying and at the same time enthralled the whole royal court of Louis XVI. It should be noted that, in addition to unusual tricks, Komu also became famous for having made a great contribution to the development of science and technology. He offered to treat epilepsy with electricity.

Count Cagliostro

the best illusionists of the world

The best illusionists of the world are extraordinary people. The famous Count Cagliostro was no exception. And despite the fact that he ended his life in an Italian prison, accused of quackery, this man lived a bright, adventurous life.

Specialized graph on optical illusion. The career of a magician began with the sale of fake cards, in which he promised trusting simpletons treasures with untold treasures. Also sold potions from all diseases. Later, when the fame of Count Cagliostro spread throughout Italy, he began to organize parties with tricks. On them he easily turned a small diamond into a heavy stone, a gentle atlas into a rough matting. The naive public had no idea that they were mockingly deceived. The talent of the illusionist was so bright that he easily convinced everyone that he was three hundred years old and that he invented the elixir of immortality. Of course, he was an ordinary charlatan, but so bright that the illusionists of the world still celebrate him as an outstanding magician.

Harry Houdini

brothers illusionists

This man, whose real name is Erik Weiss,by right can be attached to the list of "Outstanding Illusionists of the World". As a child, little Eric got to the show in a circus tent. Magicians and illusionists simply fascinated him with their tricks. From that day the boy did not doubt for a moment that illusion is his calling.

Harry Houdini became famous for what he couldto be free from any bondage. The most popular was the trick: Harry was tied to a thirty-kilogram weight and dumped in the Thames, and he emerged healthy and sound in just a few minutes. Now this trick is demonstrated by the famous brothers illusionists of our time - Safronovs.

Igor Kio

Igor Kio became the continuer of his father's business. At first he performed with his father as an assistant. But after my father fell ill, I started my own career. The audience will always remember the bright numbers of the master, where he sawed the women, where, under the dome of the circus, the caged beauty-assistant turned into a formidable predator - a lion. Mannequins changed their outfits in seconds. His performances were theatricalized, the smooth movements of the dancers tuned the audience to magic. Until now, the illusionists of the world have called Igor Kio a riddle of the twentieth century.

illusionists of the world

Illusionist Copperfield

David Copperfield is a master of visual deception. Surely many people remember his famous tricks: kidnapping the Statue of Liberty, passing through the Great Wall of China, demonstrating levitation, falling into the Niagara Falls.

And the career of this famous magician beganeven in my childhood. Since the age of twelve, David has shown tricks to his peers. And at twenty-two years, the career of the master of illusions began to grow rapidly. Soon he became famous all over the world. David was invited to different countries, he still gathers huge stadiums. Many illusionists of the world are inspired by his ideas. Many magicians of our time dream of repeating his success.

illusionist Copperfield

The Safronov Brothers

But our compatriots also made a great contribution to thea treasure chest of magic illusions. The Safronov brothers: Ilya, Sergei and Andrei. For the first time a large audience saw them on the program "What? Where? When? ", Where they demonstrated the number" Burned alive ". The jugglers are known for many interesting tricks, such as "Teleportation Rights", "Revived Mannequin" and many others. In addition, the brothers conduct programs on television, where they not only show their magic skills, but also declassify other people's tricks.

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