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Dimension grid - online shopper's guide

With the development of Internet trading, spreadsheets that give information about those parameters that sellers mean when referring to a particular product have become especially popular.

Dimensional mesh is an indicator of qualityservice online store. Only if there is a section of the parameters of the goods sold can we say that the seller cares about whether the buyer's lot is suitable for the size. However, not always the seller decides to place on his site a table of sizes. Therefore, it is worthwhile familiarizing yourself with the basic methods of clothing labeling.

Measurement net of adult clothing

When choosing the size of clothing, gender plays a special roleperson for whom the thing is purchased. So, depending on this parameter, there are two types of tables: the size grid of women's clothing and the size grid of men's clothing. In addition, the marking of the parameters of a thing also depends on its purpose: casual, sportive or denim.

The most common way of determiningcorrect dimensions of clothing is an international dimensional grid. According to her, there are 7 standard sizes. Depending on the country of origin (positioning) of things, the corresponding Russian, Italian, European and American parameters vary.

The size range of women's clothing sets the following standards:

  1. XS - Russian (P) 40, European (E) 32 - 34, Italian (I) 36, American (United States) 08;
  2. S - P 42, E 36-38, I 38-40, United States 10
  3. M - P 44-46, E 40-42, I 42-44, USA 12-14
  4. L - P 48-50, E 44-46, AND 46, US 16
  5. XL - Р 52, Е 48-50, И 50, США 18
  6. XXL - P 54-56, E 52-54, I 52, US 20
  7. XXXL - Р 58, Е 56-58, but there is no official correspondence of parameter XXXL to American and Italian sizes.

The mesh size grid also has a certain correspondence between the standards. Therefore, when specifying the type of dimensions, remember the following relationship:

  1. XS - Russian (R) 44, European (E) 40-42, Italian (I) 42, American (United States) 12;
  2. S - P 46, E 44-46, I 44, United States 14
  3. M - Р 48, Е 48-50, И 46, США 16
  4. L - Р 50-52, Е 52-54а, И 48, США 18
  5. XL - Р 54, Е 56-58, И 50, США 20
  6. XXL - P 56, E 60-62, AND 52-54, USA 22
  7. XXXL - Р 58, Е 64-66, И 56-58, the American official analog does not exist.

Children's clothing net

Unlike the size of adult clothing, children'sthings have a more complex calculation system. In addition to the usual parameters, manufacturers include the parameters of the sex, age and weight of the child. So, the dimensional grid of children's clothing is divided into the following categories:

1. By sex - for boys and for girls;

2. By age - newborn (baby), child (infant), age from 2 to 7 years and age from 7 to 15 years.

Each gradation necessarily includes the weightchild. This category plays a special role in determining the right size of clothes for children under two years of age. It should be noted that it is up to this age that the weight parameter is the same for boys and girls, and, starting from 2 years, the weight category slightly changes.

So, the baby's size grid includes the parameters of clothes for kids aged from zero to 9 months:

  1. 0 - 3 months - determined by growth to 61 cm and weighing up to 5.8 kg;
  2. 3 - 6 months - the growth is 62 - 66 cm, and weight 5.9 - 6.9 kg;
  3. 6 - 9 months - growth from 67 cm to 71 cm and weight 7 to 8.1 kg.

Parents should pay attention that if growthor the weight of the child does not fall into the specified age category, then they should prefer clothing that exceeds the age category by one size.

Parameters infant are oriented at the age of 9 to 24 months. However, their marking is carried out with the help of letters of the Latin alphabet:

  1. S - equal to the parameters of 6 - 9 months;
  2. M - can be used for children from 6 to 12 months, with their growth should not be more than 77 cm, and weight - no more than 10.35 kg;
  3. L - calculated for the age of 12 to 18 months with an increase of 81 cm, and weight - 11.7 kg;
  4. XL - corresponds to the age of 18 - 24 months and captures the growth range up to 86 cm and weight of 13 kg.

The sizes of clothes for children from 2 to 7 years are basedon norms of growth and weight of children, developed by WHO. Their marking is carried out using numbers and Latin letters, as follows: 2T (2 years), 3T (three years), 4T (four years), 5, 6, 7 (which corresponds to the child's age).

Other than the above labeling systemhas clothes designed for children 8 to 15 years old. For example, two sizes of 8S (height 127 cm) and 10S (137 cm) for boys and 7S-8S (height up to 134 cm) correspond to the age of 7-8 years. Marking M is marked on the clothes of boys aged 12 - 14 years and on the clothes of girls of 10 years. The designation L is typical for boys of 15 years and girls of 12 to 15 years.

Thus, when choosing clothes, you needtake into account not only the size indicated on the label, but also the country of origin and the country where the goods are sold, the age and gender of the person for whom the clothing is bought, using the appropriate size grid for this.

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