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Shirt without sleeves: what to wear? Modern fashion

To date, shirts are essentialpart of the wardrobe of modern men, women and children. This is due to the fact that such clothes are very comfortable and suitable for both going to work and for everyday wear.

Along with classical variations, no less thantopical and sleeveless shirt. There are a large number of different models of these garments, which allows you to create many interesting office, everyday and evening images.

Sleeveless shirt

A bit of history

Trim the sleeves of the classic shirt first inthe head came to American women as early as the beginning of the 20th century. They were simply tired of the endless washing of shirts with long sleeves and decided to ease their work, and for men this kind of clothing was more practical. This is how the first sleeveless shirts appeared. Such clothing soon began to be worn by all men working-class neighborhoods of New York.

Popular models and fabrics

Stylish sleeveless shirts fit perfectly inany image and will become a worthy subject of any girl's wardrobe. To date, there are a large number of models that allow you to emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide all its flaws.

It is best to leave such a model of shirts forsummer season. For the warm season, stylists suggest using bright and juicy shirts. In this case, the transparent and translucent wardrobe items that perfectly match with skirts and shorts are relevant.

Stylish long sleeveless shirt looks very interesting. Such models are gentle and feminine, they will give the image an individuality and help stand out from the crowd.

If we talk about fabric, then it is she who playsessential role in choosing the right product. Choosing an option for the office, it is best to stop on a cotton model, in this case, a transparent chiffon will not work. However, it is a chiffon suitable for hot summer days.

If the choice fell on the knitwear, then you need to consider that it does not belong to the formal style. Best of all, it looks in a bright monophonic color.

If you want to choose the ideal option forevening out, then it's best to look for a silk shirt. She looks elegant and appropriate at the gala event. The hit of the last seasons is jeans sleeveless shirts. It is a wonderful and stylish choice for any day to day business.

Shirt sleeveless

Fashionable colors

To date, there is a large numberShirts that allow you to choose the most suitable shade. However, there are trends that need to be read and taken into account when choosing clothes for yourself.

For the office style, the most optimalsingle-color solutions or striped variants. The most common and leading is the white color, although the pastel colors are quite actual. Fashionable favorites of this season are serenity, tender pink, mint, cold silver.

Long sleeveless shirt

Do not give up the bright colors thatperfect for evening walks and parties with friends. It will look great shirtless sleeves women's blue, red or green. For evening out, black is the best choice. You can make a lot of stylish and elegant images with a sleeveless shirt of this color.

How to wear a sleeveless women's shirt

There are several basic rules that you need to consider in order to look stylish and relevant:

  1. If the shirt is combined with a jacket, then you need to make sure that the collar does not look out.
  2. If you like wearing shirts with unbuttoned upper buttons, then the neck should be decorated with a chain or a massive necklace, given the image.
  3. That clothes in a combination looked likeharmoniously, experts recommend focusing on anything: a shirt or pants (skirt). We must abandon the equally bright top and bottom. If we talk about the business style, then you need to abandon the calling colors or prints.

Light cotton shirts are perfectly combined withshort jeans skirts, as well as flared skirts. Make an image more sexy, you can, combining a shirt without sleeves with shorts with an overstated waist. You can create a business outfit by completing a similar shirt model with straight cut trousers or narrowed, shortened.

Sleeveless shirt

Shirts without sleeves for men

In the wardrobe of every man there is at least one shirt. However, a sleeveless shirt is a special case, and to look stylish and flawless in it, one must adhere to special rules:

  1. This model is contraindicated in men who do not have relief muscles. Absence of sleeves must be compensated for by a beautiful body and strong, inflated hands.
  2. It is worth giving up colored shirts, because they look messy and not stylish.
  3. A shirt without sleeveless mens should be worn out. It is very important that it is not too short.
  4. It is necessary to select a model with a not too wide armhole, otherwise the hands will dangle in it, and the shirt should cover the body.
    Shirt without sleeves

If a man has a desire to wear a shirtsuch a model, you need to put it on safely. However, the image must be completed, and all items of the wardrobe should be in the same style, color scheme and combine with each other.

Shirt without sleeves: how to make a stylish thing yourself

Fashionable sleeveless shirt can be made inhome conditions. If you have an old one in your closet that you do not want to wear anymore, you can "revive" it by creating something interesting with your own hands. To do this, you can use your husband's shirt. It's enough just to cut off the sleeves and decorate the collar. To make clothes look more accurate, all edges need to be sewn.

shirtless sleeveless shirt pattern

If there is no suitable shirt, you can sew it yourself. The pattern of a shirt without sleeves will become a true helper in this painstaking business. However, it is necessary to undertake such work only with the experience.

A sleeveless shirt allows you to create manya variety of images for both girls and men. Everyone can find a suitable model for themselves and create with it a lot of interesting bows. Stylish replenishment in the form of such a shirt will help to remain always an original and stylish person.

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