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Expensive men's clothing: brands. The best brand of men's clothing

In the world of business there are no trifles. The kind of clothes the businessman wears, what watches on his hand, the tie of which brand he chooses, much says not only about his solvency, but also about the nature, seriousness of intentions, the stability of his business. Therefore, representatives of the elite give so much importance to appearance. What are the popular brands of men's clothing to help create the image of a successful man? In each product category you can find your leaders.

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The main attribute of the image of a successful businessman isbusiness suit. The brand of men's clothing Brioni offers some of the best suits. The brand was created in Rome in 1945 and offers things exclusively handmade. 2500 customers around the world are getting suits made according to individual standards from the finest fabrics. People who can buy the Brioni model, according to the owners of the brand, are those who can afford everything.

Brand of men's clothing William Fioravantibelongs to the designer himself, an American of Italian descent. In the past 40 years, he won the fame of a master to create unique costumes, the cost of which reaches 20 thousand dollars. Couturier adheres to a strictly business style with a touch of Italian chic. The costumes feature a low neckline, which makes it possible to see a shirt and tie in all its glory.

The brand of men's clothing Canali, based in Italyin 1934, she sews suits made of high-quality natural materials. They are distinguished by elegance and Italian chic, impeccable cut and convenience. In the line of the brand there are models of classical tones, as well as unusual, modern colors. For the buttons wood of palm, mother-of-pearl and horn is used.

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Casual luxury clothing from the cultAmerican brand Ralph Lauren has been produced since 1967. The design of these models is distinguished by boldness, brightness and relevance, they always set trends, but do not follow it. Men's clothing from Ralph Lauren is always created using various innovations that meet the highest demands of customers. Jeans, jackets, cardigans, shirts and pullovers of this company are a sign of financial success and good taste of the owner.

Billionaire Italian Couture - brand, especiallycreated for very wealthy people. This young brand appeared in 2005, it is aimed at people who, due to their wealth, choose only the best. Here the buyer will be offered an umbrella with a handle made of crocodile leather, inlaid with diamonds, or shoes made from natural suede with a handmade drawing of their own coat of arms on them. Also, your family symbols can be put on jackets, jackets, gloves. Specialized brand on jackets for comfortable, everyday life from the skin of exotic animals by hand making and tailoring.

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Tommy Hilfiger, an American clothing brand inurban everyday style premium class, appeared in 1985. In his history, he earned the love of wealthy men for an unusual, bright design, relevance and incredible convenience of clothing. In the brand's lineup, jeans, pullovers, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, vests, shirts made from high-quality modern materials do not constrain movements and always allow the wearer to look fashionable and elegant.


The men's clothing brand Hugo Boss appears in 1923year, but the sports line will be created much later, only in the 80's. The company produces elite series of equipment for riding, golfing, tennis. At the same time, clothes are well thought out, which makes it extremely comfortable, but the main quality of the brand, high style, does not disappear.

If today consider copies of brands maleclothes, then Lacoste will become the leader in this list. Polo shirts "with a crocodile" became megapopular, but the real products of limited series today are the choice of wealthy people. The brand appeared in 1933, thanks to the efforts of tennis player Jean Lacoste. Recognizable logo and cotton fabric-pique make models different from countless imitations. Polo from Lacoste is always a sign of quality and convenience, so they continue to be worn by representatives of the elite for almost 100 years.

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What can boast the best men's storesclothes? Brands of global importance today offer a sufficient number of men's shirts. But Eton's shirts are real masterpieces. The brand was created in Sweden in 1948 and specializes in the production of shirts from high-quality Egyptian cotton. The brand produces several ruler shirts for different occasions and in different styles. The elite ruler is sewn by hand according to unique patterns, such buttons and precious metal cufflinks with insets of colored diamonds adorn such items.

The search and the price are really expensivemen's clothing brands. Brands that produce shirts of the hatch class, also include two more names, this is Barba and Andrea Campagna. Both brands are of Italian origin. For shirts are selected only high quality natural materials: different types of cotton. Stamps are distinguished by careful consideration of cut, modern styles and classic colors. Buttons are made from horn and bone, as well as from mother-of-pearl.

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The brand Atelier Yozu is known for producingthe most expensive cufflinks in the world. The pair can cost up to 10 thousand dollars. The company was founded in 1996 by a commonwealth of jewelers, who started to produce various products for personal gifts. But the best products of the brand are cufflinks, they are worn only by the powerful of this world. Every thing from Atelier Yozu is unique. Their cufflinks are a real collectible item.

Another gloom, releasing very importantaccessories for men, namely, ties - this is Pietro Baldini. The brand was created in 1989 and today is the leader in the luxury segment of ties. Each product is made only by hand from natural, high-quality materials. The mission of the brand is to produce only luxurious products that will give real pleasure when wearing.

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For a solid person, a watch is like a signbelonging to the circle of the elect. The brand of luxury Swiss watches Patek Philippe is another companion of truly rich people. The brand was created in 1839 and specializes in the production of the most expensive models in the world. Each watch is assembled by the craftsman manually, rare metals and precious stones are used to make parts and cases. Each product has its own number and certificate. Today, such watches are adorned in the hands of presidents, crowned individuals and billionaires.


Caring for the image leads to the fact that expensive men's clothing becomes a constant subject of searching for wealthy people. The brands of shoes are also of great importance.

Berluti, one of the oldest luxury footwear brands inworld, was established in 1895. Each pair is created by the master on special shoes, which guarantee amazing comfort. The factory uses only manual labor, as it did 100 years ago. For shoes selected natural leather of special make-up, it is not painted, but patinated with special oils to create the desired shade.

Tod's shoes are made only by hand,of the best materials. The brand was created almost 100 years ago and during this time won the glory of the best brand of footwear for men. Tod's moccasins are a sign of the elite, they are worn by the stars and the elite of the whole world.

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Brands of men's outerwear is exoticrarity. The most famous brand, producing men's trench coats and coats, is the British Burberry. For more than 150 years, the brand has been loved by gentlemen from all over the world for the combination of good-quality classics and fashionable trends. Recognizable checkered lining and buttons made of buffalo horn, shoulder straps and patch pockets have long been a symbol of stability and good quality.

The Kiton brand appeared in Italy in 1956, hespecializes in making men's clothing, but the coats make up the special pride of the brand. They embody elegance and perfection, each product is sewn by hand on unique patterns, which provides incredible convenience of models. For the manufacture of the simplest coat, the master takes about 48 hours of continuous work, all in all, the brand produces no more than 5 thousand units a year. Natural fabrics of high class look very worthy and expensive, in this coat the man will be confident in his style.

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