/ Who is Marina Rinaldi?

Who is Marina Rinaldi?

Marina Rinaldi - this is the name of the grandmother of the famous Italian couturier, Achille Maramotti. He had long dreamed of creating an incomparable collection for women, whom nature endowed with magnificent forms.

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Big sizes

On the podium, many times a year, thin people come outyoung ladies, showing fashionable clothes. That's just the designers are not in a hurry to sew things for magnificent ladies, it is considered a difficult task. After dressing a stately woman, it is necessary to take into account hundreds of nuances: stripes, cages and colors - all these are difficulties that were not afraid to solve Akilla Maramotti, launching in 1980 a brand called "Marina Rinaldi".

The Italian designer destroyed stereotypes andturned gorgeous ladies into real beauties. It is these women who prefer to see true men near themselves. Couturier learned to sew with his grandmother and mother, who were wonderful dressmakers. They did not deny ladies, no matter how much they wore. Akilla watched carefully the simple cooks and weavers turning into true queens, putting on the dresses that his beloved grandmother sewed.

It was from this time on he decided that there would bedesigner for ordinary fat women. The dress "Marina Rinaldi" wants to buy any young lady, the dimensions of which are far from the canons of the fashion world. This designer was able to give all the fairer women beautiful clothes from haute couture, without having to be afraid of their broad shoulders or an immense waist.

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Simple forms

Marina Rinaldi is clothing that is relevantat all times. Things of this brand are preferred by all famous women who have mouth-watering forms. The main advantage of clothing in its democracy. Under this brand are issued several rulers, each of which is intended for a special case:

  • Elegante is a chic evening and cocktail dresses. Openwork sleeves, open backs and incredible beauty flowing fabrics - all this characterizes clothes under the brand "Marina Rinaldi".
  • Town. These outfits are produced especially for women who do not consider large sizes an excuse for complexes. Bright prints and modern cut, that's what this clothes are attractive for.
  • Sport - clothes for outdoor activities. Natural fabrics and muted colors turn any woman into a lady, even in nature.

Ceremonia - a line for socialite lionesses

It's only in pictures in celebrity magazineslook slim and young. To correct a photo with the help of modern graphic editors is not difficult. But go out on the carpet and at the same time look chic even with extra pounds at the waist - this is true art. With clothes from Marina Rinaldi it's not difficult to do it.

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It is for secular lionesses and famous beautiesthe outfits of this line were issued. Here you can find chic evening dresses and stylish things for formal social events. In such clothes it is impossible to look vulgar and ugly. Each line is made with a special charm, and the button is in its place.

The invariable classics

A special popularity among lovers of classicsreceived the brand "Marina Rinaldi." The coat or strict suit of this company is in the wardrobe of every business lady with magnificent forms. In these outfits I speak ladies who do not imagine their life without politics.

The most important thing is that classic outfits neverbecome obsolete. They are included in the basic wardrobe of any representative of the weaker sex, which has an exquisite sense of style. It's impossible to look bad in a classic dress from Marina Rinaldi.

Achille Maramotti managed to create a real brandfor lush fashionistas. He proved that the lush forms are sexy and very beautiful. The main thing when choosing outfits from the couturier is not to hide your real size. Only competently selected outfit will look chic, and it does not matter how many centimeters are on the female waist.

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