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We make a fashionable set of clothes

The basic wardrobe of the fair sex is built, as a rule, on several key elements that are subsequently transformed into a stylish set of clothes.

set of clothes

Rules of compilation

Women's magazines, collections shows and countlesstips stylists can confound even the most sophisticated fashionista in creating their own image. And therefore, it is necessary to clearly represent how the sets of clothes for girls and women are made up.

fashionable clothing sets

In fact, there are three basic rules for making up your wardrobe.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the typefigures. To determine which figure the nature of the fair sex has endowed with, nature should measure the waist, chest, hips and shoulders. These parameters and differentiate the women's silhouette.

complete sets of clothes for girls

"Pear" - for this type of figure is characterized by a narrow waist, small shoulders and chest and prominent hips.

pear type

"Inverted triangle" - broad shoulders are combined with a small chest, a narrow waist and modest hips.

type inverted triangle

"Apple" - with standard sizes of the shoulder, chest and thighs, the waistline is clearly highlighted.

type apple

"Rectangle" - the differences between the parameters of the chest, hips and waist are insignificant.

type rectangle

"Hourglass" - the size of the chest and hips far surpass the waist.

type of hourglass

But not only the type of figure defines fashionable clothing sets.

The second thing that needs to be paid attention is the color-type. As you know, it is divided into 4 types - winter, autumn, summer, spring. And each of them has its own color scheme.

So, for winter - it's bright cold tones of pink,blue and purple, white, brown palette and black. For spring - warm pastel shades of yellow, red, pink, green, beige. For summer - almost the same as for winter, but unlike those, they are blurred. For autumn, bright juicy tones of red, green, brown and orange are characteristic.

The third, the last basic rule, isDetermine which style the clothing set will obey. The simplest division is based on the principle of purpose: business, everyday or evening. But it is enough only for the first experiments. In the future, you may need to combine styles and directions. So, on opposite sides there are classic and casual (casual) with sports. You can combine them like this: classic + vamp, classic + romantic, sports / casual + glamor, sports / casual + romantic.

Having determined these three characteristics, you can proceed directly to the formation of the image.

onion 1

Set of clothes: stages of compilation

It all starts with the choice of the base element. This can be a skirt, shorts, trousers, leggings, dress or vest.

base kit

Further under it it is necessary to choose the accompanyingthings. For example, shorts depending on the chosen style can be completed with a jacket, a blouse and shoes with heels, as well as a T-shirt and sneakers, ballet shoes, moccasins.

image with shorts

Narrow trousers or leggings perfectly combined withvolumetric top (jacket with an accentuated shoulder line, rough knitted sweater, sweatshirt). Only you need to know that the presented version is not suitable for someone who has the figure "triangle".

kits with leggings

It should be borne in mind that a set of clothes should not combine more than 4 colors and one print. In addition, a game of contrasts or a combination of related tones will look great.

Observing the recommendations presented, it is very simple to create a beautiful image that highlights its owner from the crowd.

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