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Addresses of the stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscow. New collection of 2017

The history of the Russian-Italian brand CarloPasolini "began in the nineties of the last century. The company was founded by Russian entrepreneur Ilya Reznik and over the past 17 years has successfully established itself in the Russian market. The brand is produced in Italy, China, Russia. Today it is one of the most popular brands of exclusive quality shoes, bags and accessories designed for middle class customers.

addresses of the shops of the carlo pasolini in Moscow

Below you will find addresses of discount stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscow.

Latest collections

Shoes "Carlo Pasolini" is distinguished by refinement,refinement and easily recognizable style. In the summer of 2017 the collection pleases its customers with a riot of colors and elegant forms, mirror materials and accessories.


The main colors were gold, green and bright red, which give a festive, rainbow-summer mood to the models and successfully combined with the shades of fashion images.


The classic collection has become a real highlight of the brand! It features an interesting combination of geometric figures with calm pastel shades.

"Digital Wave"

A bright flash in the summer line. Models sparkle with paillettes, shades of metallic, neon and electrician.

Carlo pazolini discount addresses of stores in Moscow

Limited Edition

A collection called "Limited Edition"became the final chord skillfully selected and harmoniously complementing each other's summer exposition of shoes. Exquisite pearl boats, issued in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the brand "Carlo Pasolini", emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the brand.

Addresses of the stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscow

Addresses of stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscow near the metro:

  • Ul. Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya house 10, metro station "Kievskaya" (320 m), bus 39, 840, T, 157, 205, trolley bus 7.
  • Ul. Vavilov 55/7, metro station Akademicheskaya (830 m), Profsoyuznaya (1.5 km), tram 39, 14, bus 57, 119, 434, 529.
  • Ul. Pokryshkina, house 4, m. "Yugo-Zapadnaya" (260 m), TRC "Zvezdochka", bus 610, 226, 699, 66, trolleybus 34.
  • Profsoyuznaya Street, house 61 A, metro station "Kaluzhskaya" (130 m), bus 295, 642, 671, 624, 404, 28, 41, 226, 295 Shopping and entertainment center of Kaluga.
  • Varshavskoe shosse, house 140, shopping and entertainment center "Columbus", m. "Prazhskaya" (150 m), bus 674, 225, 675, 635.
  • Novoyasenevsky avenue, house 11, TC "Golden Babylon", metro station "Yasenevo" (190 m), "Novoyasenevskoe" (1,2 km), bus 330, 977, trolleybus 85.
  • Ul. Pererva, house 43, building 1, m. Bratislavskaya (60 m), shopping mall "Bum", routes A: 658, 112, 713, 762, 55, 657, 336, 350.
  • Street Rusakovskaya, house 33, m. Sokolniki (84 m), tram 37, 7, 13, 45.
  • Prospekt Mira 211, building 2, SEC "Golden Babylon", m. "Rostokino" (860 m), Sviblovo (1.2 km), Botanical Garden (1.2 km), tram 17, trolleybus 14, Bus 93, 244, 172, 136, 316, 317, 375, 544.
  • Ul. Dekabristov, Building 12, Shopping Center "Golden Babylon Otradnoe", Metro Otradnoe (180 m), routes A: 124, 98, 309, 628, 637, 838, free transport from Metro Otradnoe.
  • Leningradskoe shosse, 16A, TRC Metropolis, Metro Baltiyskaya (280 m), Voykovskaya (480 m), Streshnevo (1.1 km).
  • Shchukinskaya street, 42, Shchuka shopping mall, Shchukinskaya metro station (100 m), bus 800, 100, 137, 253, 277, 277k, 310, 687, 798, tram 31, 15, 28, 30.

Addresses of the most popular boutiques, where you can always find new collections of "Carlo Pasolini"

The collection is constantly updated, new models can be found in all boutiques of Moscow, and the largest choice in stores at the addresses:

  • Okhotny Ryad-2, m. Okhotny Ryad (150 m), Revolution Square (340 m), Teatralnaya (170 m). The store is located near the cinema "Moscow". Buses: 904, M3, M10, M2, 101, 144, H1, H2.
  • The area of ​​the Kievsky railway station-2, SEC "European", 1 floor. The Kievskaya metro station (66 m), the bus number 157, 840, 454, 320, 454, 477, 119, 791, the trolleybus 7, 17, 34.
  • Zemlyanoi Val street, 33, Atrium shopping center, Kurskaya metro station (160 m), Chkalovskaya (160 m), bus B, 40.

stores of carlo pasolini in Moscow

  • Highway Entuziastov, house 12/2, SEC "City", m. "Aviamotornaya" (750m), routes A: 759, 365, 805, 759.
  • Krasnaya Presnya street, house 14, m. Krasnopresnenskaya (340 m), Barrikadnaya (560 m), Ulitsa 1905 goda (780 m), bus M6, 64, 850, t79, 39.
  • Leninsky Prospekt, 109, TRC "Rio", metro station Prospect Vernadsky 1.5 km, routes A: 163, 144, H1, trolleybus M4.

Small boutiques of "Carlo Pasolini", addresses of shops in Moscow:

  • Leninsky Prospect, house 91, m. Prospect Vernadskogo (1.5 km), Novye Cheryomushki (1.7 km), routes A: 113, 153, 1, trolleybus M4.
  • Kashirskoye highway, house 14, m. Varshavskaya (1,3 km), Nagornaya (1,4 km), Hudson shopping center, buses from Kolomenskaya and Nagatinskaya metro stations.
  • Prospect Mira, house 122, m. Alekseevskaya (530 m), VDNKh (960 m), routes A: H6, 9, 85, 172, 379, 714k, tram 14, 37, 48.
  • Rublevskoe highway, house 62, m. Krylatskaya (2 km), shopping center Europark, routes A: 376, minibus 358, 376, free buses from the metro station "Shchukinskaya and Krylatskaya.

Discount centers

Shoe stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscoware very popular, and the shoes of this brand are quickly bought up by fashionable women of the capital. In boutiques, there are often sales of past collections, you can become a member of the club and receive significant bonuses and gifts.

carlo pasolini shoes

Addresses of stores "Carlo Pasolini" in Moscow, the limits of the Moscow Ring Road near the metro:

  • Street Polyany, house 8, shopping center "Viva", metro station "Staraya Chkalovskaya" (1,3 km) "Dmitrii Donskoy Boulevard" (1,1 km), bus 94, 202, 118, 213.
  • The twenty-first kilometer of the Kaluzhskoe highway, "Teply Stan" metro station (1.9 km), buses from the "Yasenevo", "Teply Stan", and "Yugo-Zapadnaya".
  • Krasnogorsk, International street, house 12, m. Myakinino (340 m), shopping mall Vegas Crocus City, bus 580, 631, 640, 736, free routes from the metro station Tushinskaya.

Near Moscow suburbs

  • G. Kotelniki, First Pokrovsky Proezd, house 5, shopping mall "Mega Belaya Dacha", metro station "Kotelniki" (2,5 km), metro station "Zhulebino" (3,5 km), buses free from the metro station "Kuzminki" , "Kotelniki", "Lublino".
  • G. Reutov, the second kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road, the shopping center "Chocolate", the metro station Novogireevo (2.2 km), Novokosino (2.5 km), free buses from Novogireevo and Vykhino.
  • Dmitrov highway 163, TRC RIO, metro station "Altufievo" (3 km), bus 763k, free of charge from Medvedkovo and Altufevo.
  • SEC "Mega-2", Khimki, Moscow region, the eighthmicrodistrict, building 5, possession 39, bus 4, 10, 19, 959, 51, 986k, minibus 154k, 481, 532k, 937k, 946. Free routes from the metro station Planernaya and Rechnoy Vokzal.

The brand "Carlo Pasolini" is also represented invarious popular online stores and on its own trading floor. In the online boutique you can easily purchase the right model, choose the right size and use a convenient system of payment and delivery. In the private office you can draw up a club card to receive discounts, gifts for the holidays and pleasant unexpected bonuses. The website of the company has a lot of interesting information and fresh news. Here you can follow the updates and be always up to date with fashion trends and new products from the company "Carlo Pasolini". Do not miss the next sales!

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