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Braccialini bags in Moscow: popularity soared to the skies

When it comes to fashion and style, the first thingyou think, Italy. It is this country with an inimitable temperament, on a par with romantic France, occupies the first positions in the fashion world. The shows of new collections of famous Italian and French fashion designers are always sold out!


The name Braccialini became known back in the 60slast century. The history of this brand began in Florence. The young couple Brachialini started making bags. The first specimens were created from straw, later Carla began to trim her bags with leather and suede.

The case developed, the couple became famous far beyond Italy. Bags Braccialini are becoming more sophisticated and are gaining more and more fans.

To date, the brand Braccialini has a network of boutiques around the world. Collections of bags and accessories are bought up by women all over the world with lightning speed.

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To date, brand products can bemeet in the wardrobe of many celebrities. Naomi Campbell, Kira Chaplin, Olga Kabo ... This list can be continued for a long time. The release of a new collection of bags Braccialini always becomes a significant event in the fashion world.


For the whole history of the brand's existence it is difficult to find two identical bags Braccialini.

In addition to unique color combinations, the masterpieces of Braccialini impress with a variety of shapes. Accordion bag, bag-bus, a whole collection of bags-houses make the image of their owners truly unique.

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Carla has always sought to highlight her brand. Bags Braccialini on color scale always sharply contrasted with fashionable shades of a season. In addition to the unusual design, Carla's bags stand out with bright appliqués, they are trimmed with precious and semiprecious stones. The rampant Italian fantasy has removed the combination of such at first glance different materials like velvet and straw, suede and silk.


What is the uniqueness of this brand, exceptunique design? Buyers are attracted by quality. Despite the large volume of production, Braccialini bags are still manufactured by hand using ancient technologies. For the product is selected only the best leather, or rather, the best piece, which is cut the same way, manually. For the manufacture of one bag the master can leave from one week to a month.


Not only bags Braccialini pleasing admirersthis brand, but also belts, glasses, wallets and shoes. And you can buy them not only in Italy. Fortunately, now it's easy to order any product you like directly on the Braccialini website.

If it is important for you to get acquainted with the goods carefully, then Braccialini bags in Moscow and not only can be bought in the Via Borsa salons.

braccialini bags in moscow


The cost of an exclusive Braccialini bag canto reach up to 5 thousand euros. Of course, not every admirer of style can afford such an accessory. But it is worth to carefully study the feedback on such a refined product, like women's Braccialini handbags. The reviews position them as an original and status item. Carla Bracialini made sure that every woman could afford to be unique. Along with the collection bags, you can choose not very expensive option, which will emphasize your personality. The only advice - take into account the feedback of customers and remember that bags are sewn in Italy, where there is no snow and sudden temperature changes. Many of the materials from which these masterpieces are made are not designed for severe frosts, and handling them must be much more careful than with bags sewn, say, in the Moscow region. Some reviews are quite critical: many Russian fans of the brand or those who bought the bag for the first time, put a very low rating to the quality. But do not forget that the concepts of women's handbags in Europe and Russia are slightly different. Handbag is not designed to transport things, books and products from the store, but in order to emphasize the style of its owner.

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