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Gifts for colleagues and employees: original ideas

At work, a person spends a third of his time,and his office companions are no longer strangers to him. The collective overcomes not only labor, routine cares, but also holidays are celebrated together. Therefore, the theme of "gifts to colleagues" is always topical. Undoubtedly, no one chooses employees, there are some who do not want to say hello, but in most cases it is common in groups to congratulate each other on their birthday, men's, women's day and the New Year. And every time you have to think about what to please a colleague.

Who will remain with the gift?

"To give something or not?"- a question may arise from a person who recently came to work in a new collective. It all depends on the company's traditions. Do not hesitate to find out from a fellow co-worker what gifts, congratulations to colleagues in the office are provided.

In this case, the beginner is not obliged to give allemployees for the New Year or another holiday, in order to impress the "shirt-guy." If the collective is not accepted to congratulate anyone with flowers and presents, it is possible to offer such a tradition or to agree with the established procedures.

gifts to colleagues

There are people in the team who want toto please them in a joyful day for them, having presented them a souvenir personally. This is permissible, but not for the boss. Such an act is regarded by office comrades as a way to please the boss for their own mercenary purposes. Therefore, it is desirable to give a gift to the head from the whole team.

Relevant Present

As a rule, according to the corporate ethic of congratulationsemployees are of a non-individual nature. That is, on the birthday or on the 8th of March, on February 23, gifts are presented by colleagues, not separately. Of course, if friendly relations are established at work, then in addition to the general presentation, you can respect a person with a gift "from yourself." This is at will.

gifts for February 23 colleagues

In any case, the souvenir must matchin other words, be relevant to both sides. To guess the tastes and preferences of people with whom communication takes place within certain limits is difficult. Much easier is the case with the choice of a presentation to a loved one. But this can not be avoided, therefore, one should never give the employee amulets, religious objects, trinkets, perfumes, clothes (except tie), cosmetics and jewelry.

Ideas for Defender of the Fatherland Day

Gifts for February 23, colleagues are limitedprice range. Especially when the male office diaspora prevails in the team. Universal greeting from women will serve as a solemn lunch or a huge cake decorated with military themes.

gift to colleague man

If you plan to present souvenirsindividually to each man, then one should acquire their equivalent. It would be nice to emphasize the individuality of a person and not order in bulk the same trinkets. So, the gifts for February 23 colleagues:

  • The cartoons. A good-humored cartoon is a way to single out every man in an office partnership.
  • Nessessery will be an excellent present for employees who are often forced to travel on business trips as a result of their service.
  • Covers for a passport, hard drives, elite alcohol,tea and coffee sets - though banal presents, but always relevant. Select them from the string of hackneyed gifts can be a presentation. For example, an addition to them will serve as the formalization of an unofficial diploma confirming an outstanding personality, authority and dignity, which can also be listed in a solemn document.

Than to surprise women on March, 8th?

If a gift to a male colleague can do withoutaccompanying a bouquet of flowers, then for a woman this part of the gift is simply obligatory. Interestingly decorated flower arrangement with the addition of fruits and sweets in general can replace a number of unnecessary presents and become a full-value gift for the employee. This will require a tray, flowers, floral sponge, packing paper or mesh, any fruit, sweets and, of course, Mrs. Fantasia. Excellent, if the gastronomic components of the composition will be selected according to the taste of the recipient.

An original colleague's gift is collected as follows:

  1. The wet floristic sponge is placed in the center of the tray, into which the short stems of the plant are pierced.
  2. On the edge of the plateau are placed fruits and sweets.
  3. A paper or a mesh spreads, a collected flower-fruit tray is placed in the center and the edges of the packaging material are bound at the top of the entire composition with the help of a festive ribbon.

original gift to a colleague

An easier way to create such a masterpieceis a floral-grocery composition in the basket. By the way, at the discretion of the donor it is possible to supplement it with other interesting elements, for example, to add a bottle of wine, champagne or coffee with tea.

Mandarin mood

Strengthen relations with employees and createNew Year mood will help gifts to colleagues on the eve of this magical holiday. But here's what to choose a present, so that by the nature of a colleague fit, was inexpensive and memorable? All decorate their apartment for the New Year holidays, so a new decorative thing will not hurt anyone. And to distinguish it from among the others, you can, for example, write on Christmas-tree balloons wishes.

gift to a colleague at work

Edible sets such as gingerbread in the form of fir-trees or cinnamon cookies, folded into a festively decorated box, will perfectly create the atmosphere of the approaching holiday.

A gift to a colleague of a man or woman on New Year's Day: garlands in the cabinet, buffet, gastronomic sets (tangerines, caviar, sparkling wine), Christmas decorations.

Budget Options

Express appreciation and attentionYour office buddies can also be given by giving small presents. Inexpensive gifts to colleagues - this is not a reason for restraint. After all, who, if not they, knows the financial potential of the enterprise.

The cheapest congratulations are wishes. In order to leave them in the memory of a comrade, it is enough to apply to a photo center or a polygraphic office. You can print a collective photo or a thematic picture on the A-4 format and print warm words to the employee on top of the image or list its best qualities.

inexpensive gifts to colleagues

If there is no time to run around looking for photo salons, thennot such an original, but necessary gift will be a mug-chameleon, salt pad, expander, frame, holder for notes, toys made of felt, flashlights, jewelry stands or keys.

Creative gift to a colleague

If you congratulate a group of people creativeidea will be the wishes attached to the candy. Sweets with parting words should be put in a bag (thematic attribute of the New Year) and invite colleagues to choose blindly a candy that will be accompanied by congratulatory speeches.

congratulations to colleagues

A man or woman, depending on the intereststhe originator of the celebration, the original presentation will serve as a certificate to a beauty salon, massage parlor, horse riding, fishing or tickets to the theater, cinema, to the exhibition.

In the era of electronic technology, a modern person can be given paid access to an e-planner application that replaces the paper version of the diary.

Create a mood for the birthday boy will help the balls. They need to decorate the workplace of a colleague. And if everything is in order with the imagination, the supplement of such a meeting will be caused by a wall newspaper created by office comrades.

Etiquette of the official gift

The type of gift is important, that is, if the pen is presented, then it must be packed. The holiday wrapper, intended for official presentation, should not be motley and lurid.

Presenting gifts to colleagues should be with a smile and words of wishes. It is impossible to emphasize the high cost of presentation and the complexity in its choice.

"A good spoon for dinner" - this truth concerns andcongratulations. The employee must give a gift on the eve of the celebration. But if, due to circumstances, it's impossible to present a surprise in time, then it's better to congratulate the colleague on the phone and say that on the next working day a gift from office friends awaits him.

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