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Tips on how to wash sneakers in a washing machine

Sneakers are very comfortable and practicalshoes for daily use. Because of this, they often get dirty, especially in rainy weather or if friends are called on for a long trip. In addition, despite all the advantages of this shoe, it sweats heavily in the legs, which leads to an unpleasant smell. And what should I do in this case? The only way out is to wash! Well, modern technology will save us time and energy. In this article, we'll show you how to wash your running shoes in a washing machine.

Can this be done?

Many manufacturers of footwear do not recommend thisdo. It is clear that you will act at your own peril and risk. But, as practice shows, if you wash the sneakers in a washing machine, they become much cleaner and fresh than with manual washing. Although there are a number of exceptions, when you can not wash shoes in the car:

how to wash sneakers in a washing machine

1. Models of leather. The skin easily spoils from detergents and water.

2. Cheap "one-time" sneakers of little-known manufacturers can shed or even fall apart from the usual rain. What can I say about washing in the car.

3. Sneakers with foam "stuffing" wash, of course, survive, but if they get out of foam, it will greatly harm your washing machine.

Also it is worth paying attention to whether there are shoesdecorative elements or light reflectors. If you have them, you can wash the sneakers in a washing machine, but there is a high probability that they will simply peel off. Therefore, it is not superfluous to put shoes in a durable bag.

wash the sneakers in a washing machine


Before thinking about how to wash sneakersin a washing machine, you need to prepare them for this process. Be sure to remove from the sneaker sticking twigs and leaves, as well as pieces of dirt. This can be done with a usual damp cloth, washing your shoes under the stream of water or simply soaking in soapy water for a while. If the footwear has morbidly reacted to washing or soaking, then you can not think about how to wash the sneakers in a washing machine. It is better not to expose them to such a risk. If you decide to wash, then remove the shoe insole and shoelaces. Then place it in an old pillow case or special bag. In the absence of both, you can put soft things together with sneakers, which you are not afraid to stain or damage. For example, mats for the bathroom. This will protect the machine from possible damage and reduce the noise level during the washing process.

wash sneakers in a washing machine

By the way, take into account that when washing the sneakers incar noise is much higher than when washing clothes or clothes. So do not do this at night, especially when the sound insulation of your home is poor. Some landladies, in order to wash quickly, load several pairs of shoes at once. This can not be done, as it can simply knock out the glass of the machine. Simultaneously, only one pair can be erased. In an extreme case, two. As for the washing schedule, you should choose a special mode "for shoes". If it is not, then delicate washing will do. Watch the temperature of the water. If it is above 40 degrees, then the shoes can go bad. Now you know how to wash the sneakers in a washing machine. Use the tips from this article, and this process will pass quickly and without any problems.

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