/ What should I look for when choosing a female body?

What should I look for when choosing a female body?

Body has long been an integral partwomen's wardrobe. For its sewing, elastic fabrics are used, due to which the product has good functionality. The effect of the "second skin" is created, which makes it possible not to weight and not to restrain movement. The designers paid special attention to the creation of the body. Therefore, they developed a huge number of not only convenient, but also attractive models that you can easily wear instead of blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts and so on. They can be executed in both a minimalist style, and be decorated with a variety of lace inserts, as well as other decorations.

How to choose for yourself bodi among such a variety of models?

Here a few tips and recommendations that will definitely help when choosing this product for yourself:

  1. Body is presented in a huge assortment. They can have an open back or be completely closed (like a turtleneck). In addition, the body can still be decorated with lace inserts, buckles and other ornaments. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to initially determine the purpose for which the body is purchased;
  2. An excellent option - this body type sports. It is perfectly combined with everyday clothes: jeans, trousers, shorts. This body is ideal for training. It can be presented in the form of turtlenecks, t-shirts with short arms or t-shirts with straps;
  3. In the wardrobe of every woman should befeminine body. In this model a pronounced bra balconet, push-up and so on. It should be said that such a body is ideal for evening dresses or other tight clothes;
  4. Women are extremely popular among womenerotic body. Its main characteristic is the minimum amount of fabric and seams. For its sewing, semi-transparent fabrics are used, as well as specially lace, which contributes to a minor correction of the figure;
  5. Recently, among women, a newtrend - it's blouse-body, as well as body shirts. Are executed in the most different styles. This is ideal for office. Ideal look like with jeans, trousers, shorts, and with skirts. Quite often in such models there is a seamless bottom that allows to dress them even with very tight clothes;
  6. Buying body, close attention should be paidgive quality tailoring products. The seams should be as soft and almost invisible. From this will depend not only on the appearance, but also how much the woman feels comfortable in it;
  7. An obligatory condition for a good body is the qualitative tissues that do not cause allergic reactions.

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