/ What to give for 5 years of wedding to the husband? Tips for wives

What to give for 5 years of marriage to her husband? Tips for wives

The question of gifts arises sooner or later ineach family. Family celebrations are many: birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, New Year, Eighth March, Defender of the Fatherland Day, anniversary of the wedding. The next round date of married life is the most interesting holiday.

5 years. What wedding? What to give to her husband?

what to give for 5 years of wedding to her husband

Each wedding has its own specific name,meaning and accumulated luggage of the experience of relationships. In the first year of life, gifts can be playful, those that can be opened after a certain period of time. And when behind the shoulders of 5 years, lived together, it is already difficult to make a surprise, and the question of a loving wife about what to give to her husband, sometimes becomes very difficult. What is this anniversary? How is it celebrated? The five-year anniversary should be celebrated on a grand scale. Five years ago a family was created, it's a kind of her birthday. Guests will celebrate a wooden wedding. A tree is a symbol of reliability, life and fertility. For these years, children must be born, according to the old laws, there must be a home. The best gifts from guests will be wood products: caskets, figurines, dishes, furniture. This means that friends wish the family long life.

Timber articles

what to give to her husband for 5 years of the wedding

No matter how many presents comejubilee, the main on this day will be those that the spouses themselves will present to each other. Wife has already studied all the habits and interests of her half, so she will already know what to give for 5 years of marriage to her husband. If the husband is a skilled worker and a jack of all trades, he will be pleased with the new set of tools. Of course, it is unpleasant when a husband loves beer and often smokes, but in this case it will be very easy to decide on a gift. A nice beer mug or a souvenir smoking pipe will be a pleasant surprise.

What to give for 5 years of marriage to her husband? That there were no problems from a long stay behind the wheel, you can present the massager to the chair in the car. A strong half of humanity loves going to the bath, and if there is already on the site, a perfect gift will be a set of a wooden gang, a hat and a birch broom. What to give for 5 years of marriage to her husband, it became clear. And if you still dream, then all the presents will not only be useful, but also pleasant.

Is it worth to refuse such wooden presents?

What to give to her husband for 5 years of the wedding, already a littleunderstandably. But what should I not present? Wooden cutting boards and rolling pins will not only have a hidden implication. But also there is a probability, what exactly such gift already for a long time is prepared by the husband for the beloved wife. One can imagine such a picture: it's time for the couple to exchange pleasant surprises. Boxes are opened, and, to everyone's amazement, lies the same in both. You can, of course, beat this interesting fact, but nothing original in the offerings will not be.

5 years what wedding what to give to her husband

Armchairs and games

What else to give to her husband for 5 years of the wedding? A rocking chair for a comfortable pleasant rest or checkers with chess, or maybe he enjoys playing backgammon. Only in this case the tree should be beautifully decorated. Such a surprise will be very welcome, the son or daughter will necessarily make up the company in games, will be closer to the father. In addition, all these games perfectly develop logical thinking, make the mind flexible. What to give for 5 years of marriage to her husband? If the family has an excellent relationship, you can order for the wedding anniversary a beautiful portrait of both spouses, inserting it into a beautiful wooden frame.

Other gifts

wedding anniversary 5 years what to give to her husband

On the plot it would be nice to plantfruit trees, if for 5 years this has not yet been done. The most valuable in the preparation of a gift will be the desire to bring joy to a loved one, and what a surprise it will be, a woman chooses. If she decides to go with her husband on the second honeymoon - it's great! You can spend time, but with their own hands to bind her husband a warm set for the winter: a pullover, a hat and socks with mittens. Let them put them on a skating rink or for a walk with the child. Winter, dad and baby are playing snowballs, they mold a provocative snowman, as it is cute! Spouse, keen on morning jogs, as a gift wooden skis will suit. It is easiest for the collector husband to choose a gift. They will be a new copy of his collection. Another question: "Where is this?" But for a loving wife there is nothing impossible, but the effect of such a surprise will be staggering! A fan of football or hockey can get a ball or stick with the autographs of your favorite players.

Now also in the fashion gift certificates. They offer diversified entertainment: hunting, sauna, flight by plane, mountain skiing.


Do not puzzle when the anniversary comesweddings 5 ​​years. What to give to her husband? We told you. The simplest and most exquisite gift: to cover a wooden table with a beautiful tablecloth, to put your favorite dishes cooked by oneself, to dim the light and light the candles. Get a dinner for two with far-reaching consequences. If two loving hearts in five years are as hot as on the day of the wedding, do you need guests? They are both good!

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