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The inscription is a tattoo on the back. Different options

The inscription of the tattoo on the back

The inscription (tattoo on the back) is one of the most common types of tattoos. It is this part of the body that allows the hand of the master and the man's fantasy to unfold. What do men and women write on their backs?

What is the meaning of the tattoo?

Tattoos have appeared for a long time, butstill for men they are a way to emphasize their strength, courage, courage and fearlessness. Their drawings, as a rule, are images of animals, army paraphernalia, and inscriptions are belligerent and rude. In women, everything is strictly the opposite. On the back of the fair sex can be found smooth and gentle lines, emphasizing the femininity and sensuality of its owner. Such an inscription - a tattoo on the back - is also designed to show that the woman is wise, naive and tender. Of course, from any rule there are exceptions, and there are girls who make themselves male tattoos, but this happens infrequently.

Tattoo inscriptions on the back of the man

They can be divided into several groups:

  • army symbolism (the name of the troops in which the man served, the number of the unit, and so on);
  • wise sayings (for example, "I came, I saw, I won," "I hope without hope," and so on);
  • own phrases, which became the motto of life or associated with a certain moment in life;
  • names of loved ones and relatives, dates of their birth.

Photo of the tattoo on the back of the inscription

Inscription (tattoo on the back): female variants

  • names of beloved parents;
  • winged sayings (for example, "One Life - One Chance", "One Love, One Hope" and so on);
  • memorable dates.

Stylistics of inscriptions

Tattoos often do for themselves, that's whyback is an excellent place for them, if only for the simple reason that it is easy to hide, which means, to remove the tattoo from prying eyes, if necessary. Inscriptions are often made in foreign languages, the most popular among which are Latin, English, German, Arabic. Widespread hieroglyphs, which are perceived more often as a drawing, although they are an inscription. Phrases can be placed absolutely in any part of the back:

  • on the shoulder blades;
  • on the lower back;
  • along the spine;
  • go through the whole back (if it's not just a phrase, but a whole excerpt from a work or own work);
  • Girdling (beginning on the back and passing on the side).

Complex tattoos combine a picture and an inscription. For example, when making an image of his close person on the body, he is most often signed.

Tattoo inscriptions on the back of the man

Such an inscription (tattoo on the back) is alwaysexquisitely, elegantly, stylishly and fashionably, and in the case of women is also sexy. In these tattoos, people put their thoughts, memories, feelings and experiences.

Small, but such capacious phrases reflectessence of personality, serve as a decoration of the body and a way of self-expression. Photo of the tattoo on the back (inscriptions and images) you can see in this article. If you are interested and want to get the same decor on your back, you can now come up with or find an expression that characterizes you or is close to you in spirit, and go to the nearest tattoo parlor for the embodiment of your dream. Do not forget to consult the master.

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