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Gelatin for hair: reviews of trichologists. Effective hair restoration with gelatin (recipes)

From time immemorial women were worried about the problems ofhair, split ends, insufficient volume. Modern cosmetology offers a huge number of compounds that allow you to get rid of many troubles, restore health and shine to locks. However, along with professional means, there are folk, which do not become obsolete over time, having high efficiency. For example, gelatin for hair is considered quite effective. Trichologists' reviews are very supportive of this product.

gelatin for hair reviews of trichologists
Moreover, doctors consider it necessary, since it is a natural supplier of collagen.

What is gelatin?

This question is easy to answer. All of us from the chemistry training course remember that gelatin is a substance of animal origin. We also know about its adhesive properties, which have a thickening effect.

We can give another definition. Gelatin is an animal protein. It contains an extract of adhesive substances of bone tissue. The substance has in its composition the notorious vitamin E, which is not accidentally carries the title of vitamin of youth. In addition, gelatin is enriched with elements such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Gelatin in the history of cosmetology

For a long time, gelatin has been used in domesticpurposes. It can be used in the preparation of jelly, jellied, holodtsa. It is believed that this product contributes to the early maturation of bones in fractures.

gelatin benefit and harm to the hair

Do not miss your chance and cosmetology, taking onArmament is such a useful substance. Basically, gelatin is used for hair. The doctors' comments testify to its effectiveness. It is thanks to medical research in the 50 years of the last century gelatin is becoming a favorite in a number of home hair care products.

Explain this popularity of the product is very simple. After all, he creates a protective film on his hair, thereby giving them shine and protecting against the negative influence of external factors.

Collagen - the whole head

Scientists have long understood the enormous importancehas gelatin for hair. Comments trichologists strongly recommend taking it at least once a week. After all, it is an excellent building material not only for hair, but also for bones, cartilage, joints and ligaments. And all thanks to the fact that in its composition the leading place is collagen.

As you know, without the collagen, the skin grows old, it also affects the skin of the head, and therefore, of the hair.

Remarkable and the fact that gelatin - a deposithydrolyzed protein. What does it mean? The fact is that the molecules of ordinary collagen are too large, so they can not penetrate directly into the cells. In gelatin, there is a protein that is much smaller in size, since it is already in one of the stages of cleavage. That is, the body does not have to expend energy on additional chemical reactions, hydrolyzed collagen freely penetrates into the cells.

Let's talk about the composition: amino acids

However, not only does collagen make gelatinuseful. In this substance, produced from connective tissues of animals, contains 18 amino acids. That's why gelatin is so valued for hair. Reviews trichologists argue that the most useful for curls are:

  • Alanin. It improves the metabolism, thereby providing the scalp with the necessary nutrition.
  • Arginine. Accelerates the processes of tissue repair. Hence, he heals damaged hair.
  • Glycine. Strengthens the capillaries, improving blood circulation and oxygenating the scalp.
  • Glutamic acid. An irreplaceable substance for those who often resort to staining. It removes ammonia from the tissues and eliminates its negative effects on our body.
  • Lysine. It is because of this substance that gelatin is used for hair growth. Experts say that without lysine, the curls grow very slowly, and the damaged strands are noticeable for a very long time.
  • Oxyproline. It plays an important role in the formation of a protein such as elastin. About its benefits are heard by everyone, it gives hair and skin elasticity.
  • Proline strengthens curls, improves metabolic processes (especially effective in combination with ascorbic acid).
    gelatin for hair prescription

In addition to these amino acids, gelatin contains a lot of useful elements: potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and others.

Gelatine: benefit and harm to the hair

Like any substance, a protein adhesive mixturehas both its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of gelatin is its chemical composition and structure. Do not forget that it is synthesized from an animal or vegetable product, that is, it is absolutely natural substance, so it is very beneficial to both the scalp and the hair. But you should remember about the harm of gelatin. Most often, negative consequences are associated with either improperly prepared composition, or with the abuse of this product. We all know that everything is good in moderation, including gelatin for hair. Reviews trichologists warn: you can not use gelatin as masks more often than one (maximum 2 times) per week. In this case, the hair can become unruly and heavy, stiff and have lost volume.

When is gelatin dangerous?

In addition, such factors as:

  • Food additives that are part of gelatin. They are often used by manufacturers to improve their bonding properties. If this situation does not cause any trouble in cooking, then using such gelatin for hair at home, you risk not to help, but, rather, to harm your locks. Therefore, it is necessary to study the composition of the product before purchase.
  • Do not use gelatin in the event thatyour hair is weakened or damaged. Otherwise, you can break the protein balance. The same prohibition is also relevant when you undergo a course of restorative therapy for your curls using other means.
  • If you decide to make gelatin for hair inat home, be careful and attentive. In no case should the composition be burned more than the time specified in the recipe. Otherwise, all useful amino acids are destroyed, the mixture will be useless.
    gelatin for hair with shampoo

Such an ambiguous product is gelatin. Benefits and harm to the hair of this substance have long been studied, so you just need to adhere to the rules and recommendations of specialists.

From the notebook: useful advice

How should you use this product to get the desired result?

Many problems can be relieved by gelatin for hair. The reviews and photos confirm his curative effect on our curls. However, you should strictly follow the recommendations so as not to harm yourself.

  • If you decide to dilute the powdered gelatin, then make sure that the substance is completely dissolved in water.
  • In order to accelerate the dissolution process, the product can be slightly heated on a small fire. But in no case it can not be brought to a boil.
  • Do not apply too hot a mixture on the hair. The effect of this will not, but you can easily get a scalp burn.
  • Do not keep the gelatin mask for too long.strands. This can lead to a violation of the water-fat balance. In addition, gelatin has a peculiarity of tightening the scalp, which also does not have the best effect on your hair and hair condition.
  • If you take gelatin inside, be sure to take a break after a month of use. Otherwise, the burden on the kidneys increases. In addition, the product affects the coagulability of the blood.

Advantages of gelatin

Why does this substance have a huge number of supporters among these funds? Such love is very easy to explain, because gelatin:

  • Stimulates the growth of strands, while suitable for any type of hair.
  • Due to its composition it is effectively involved in the development of such building material as keratin protein. It is he who makes our hair strong, gives them shine and elasticity.
  • Absolutely natural product, your curls will be spared from any chemistry. And this is especially important today, when the beauty of natural beauty rules in cosmetology.
  • Low cost of the product allows you to use it without compromising your family budget.
    gelatin for hair at home

Contraindications to the use of gelatin

However, we should not flatter ourselves: a substance that has so many pluses and is of great benefit is not shown to everyone. It is better to refuse gelatin treatment for those who:

  • He suffers from heart diseases, thrombophlebitis, diathesis.
  • Has problems with water-salt balance.
  • Has a tendency to allergic reactions.

In addition, gelatin is not recommended for exacerbation of skin diseases.

Ways of reception

Today, many seek to try treatmentgelatin. And it is used not only for the growth or strengthening of hair, but also in cases where fingernails are cracked or joint problems occur. How should I take gelatin? There are several ways. First of all, of course, you can use this substance in the form of food. Try to ensure that on your table often appear cold, jellied, brawn, marmalade, fruit jelly, soufflé. Thus, you will feed the body with the necessary elements from the inside. It is not expected to be particularly effective from such a method, but its contribution to the restoration of hair and the acceleration of their growth will bring similar food.

gelatin for hair in capsules

However, there are other, more effective ways.

Open a new drink

You can just drink gelatin for your hair. Reviews promise that you will not feel unpleasant taste. In addition, you can add other ingredients to this drink.

How correctly to prepare gelatin for hair? The recipe is simple:

  • Nutritional gelatin in granules (1 tsp).
  • Water (1 tbsp.).
  • Lemon juice (1ch.l.) You can replace the powder with ascorbic acid.

Gelatin fill with water and give a good swell,then bring to the fire until completely dissolved. Cool and add the lemon juice. He is present here not for improving taste, but for better assimilation of gelatin. You can slightly sweeten the mixture.

Take this drink should be on an empty stomach, for half an hour (maximum 40 minutes) before eating.

Capsules come to the rescue

For those who are too lazy to constantly prepare medicinaldrugs, the modern pharmaceutical industry offers another option. You can use gelatin for hair in capsules. Buy them will not be difficult, they are available for free sale in any pharmacy. Such gelatin is taken as a food supplement. It is recommended to take 1-3 capsules a day. But all the same it is better to consult to the cosmetician.

Gelatin for hair with shampoo

This is another method of applying adhesivesubstance. Want to increase the effectiveness of cosmetics? Then try gelatin for hair with shampoo. Experts advise to use Styx shampoo, but if it does not, do not despair. Any other will do, just pay attention to the lack of dyes and fragrances. It is better to take a child's species.

gelatin for hair reviews of doctors

  • Mix the shampoo (1 tablespoon) and gelatin (1 tsp).
  • Leave to swell for about half an hour.
  • The resulting mixture is applied to the combed, clean hair.
  • After 10 minutes, rinse the curls with warm water.

To facilitate further combing, it is advisable to rinse hair with conditioner.

Lamination with gelatin

Yes, yes, and such a procedure can be carried out using this substance. Here the most important thing is to strictly observe the proportions.

How in this case the most effective use of gelatin for hair? The recipe will help you:

  • Mix gelatin with water in a proportion of 1 to 3. That is, 1 tablespoon of the product will require 3 tablespoons of water.
  • Let the gelatin swell. This will be enough for 15 minutes.
  • After the mixture is slightly heated in a water bath or put for 20 seconds in a microwave.
  • Add the resulting composition of your favorite mask or balm for hair (1-2 tablespoons). This will facilitate the process of combing.
  • On wet, clean strands, apply the mixture for lamination. Evenly distribute it.
  • Cover your head with a plastic wrap and a towel.
  • Warm up with a hair dryer for 15 minutes. If the hair dryer is not used, then the remedy can be kept on the head for up to half an hour.
  • After a well wash the strands.

Such a procedure not only protects your curls, but also helps to keep the color of the colored hair, and also gives them shine.

It would seem that the usual food is gelatin. And what a huge benefit it can bring to our body. Try at least one recipe, and the results will not be long in coming.

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