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"Alpika" - cosmetics for professionals. Reviews of cosmetologists

In the Russian market of cosmeticsthe domestic company Alpika appeared relatively recently. In 1991, it was founded by Professor, Doctor of Pharmacy LM Kuzyakova. For more than twenty years of work, the company has become the leader of its industry not only in Russia. She conquered the markets of foreign countries.

Alpic cosmetics
The company "Alpika" produces professional liposome cosmetics, which are designed not only to treat problem areas on the skin, but also to prevent dermatological diseases.

The value of liposomes

Leading cosmetology companies around the worldThey are constantly searching for the means that can provide the maximum impact on the human skin. However, this task is not easy. The fact is that most cosmetics only affect the surface layers of the skin, not being able to penetrate deeper. Such creams, serums, etc. are not capable of producing a lasting effect.

alpica cosmetics
To solve this problem allowed the discovery of physicians. In the 60s of the 20th century, a scientist from England, Alec Bangham, discovered the process of formation of closed shells in water. This was liposomes. Such shells retained not only a part of the aqueous solution, but also all the substances dissolved in it. In addition, liposomes were so small elements that they could freely penetrate into the cell of a living organism. This discovery was a real scientific coup. It was used to create medicines. In them, liposomes were a kind of vehicle that delivered therapeutic agents to the cells of living tissue. The discovery of Alek Bangham was also used to create funds designed for skin care.

A vivid example of such products is the Russian cosmetics "Alpika". Created on the basis of liposomes, it is able to accelerate the processes of healing of the skin.

The uniqueness of "Alpika" cosmetics

LM Kuzyakova became the founder of a company that produces skin care products that use liposomes made from plant materials. These substances are absolutely non-toxic, besides they are able to dissolve without any residues in the body when exposed to natural enzymes.

Cosmetics "Alpik" contains liposomes,the basis for which are the herbs collected in alpine meadows. However, professionals highly appreciate not only the environmental friendliness of this raw material. The matter is that high-mountainous grasses grow in difficult conditions. They experience constant temperature changes and sudden changes in weather conditions. Sometimes the grass is not enough moisture, and sometimes they are flooded with heavy rains. All this hardens the plants and makes them viable and resistant, and the micronutrients obtained from them fill each of the liposomes with health.

 alpica cosmetics reviews
What is different from other means of Alpic? Cosmetics of this brand are made without including in its composition of various chemical components necessary for the extension of shelf life. At such a step the company went deliberately, significantly increasing the usefulness of its products.

Different directions of use

"Alpika" - cosmetics, which possessesthe ability to influence the human body like a medicine. This brand includes over thirty patented programs, each of which is an effective tool for health and beauty. All liposome cosmetics "Alpic" differs in the area of ​​exposure. It is used for the skin of hands, face or body. Also, the funds of this company are divided according to the principle of their operation. According to this characteristic, they are available for moisturizing, cleansing and rejuvenating. In addition, "Alpika" - cosmetics, combining the means, differing in terms of use. It can be drugs for professionals. They are designed for use in beauty salons. Also under this brand are produced funds for home care. But no matter what the purpose of cosmetics "Alpic", it combines one characteristic feature - the effectiveness of exposure to the skin of a person.


"Alpika" - cosmetics, which in its recipecontains only natural components of plant origin. It contains oils and extracts of herbs collected in alpine meadows. There is in the recipe and water, brought from holy sources, located in the North Caucasus.

cosmetics alpika reviews of cosmetologists
Liposomal cosmetics "Alpika" includes in its composition a reserve. It is a natural ingredient that has a rejuvenating and antioxidant effect, it is isolated from grapes.

Basically positive deserves cosmetics"Alpika" reviews cosmetologists because of the presence of its composition of hyaluronic acid. It is interesting that the company's specialists created their own technology, allowing to split this component to a low molecular weight of five nanometers. This form of hyaluronic acid, encased in the liposome, is easily transported to the cell and operates at its level.

Also professional cosmetics "Alpika"includes in its composition extracts of blue cornflower and linden, sea buckthorn and chamomile. There is in its recipe the oil of macadamia, cocoa and tea tree of the first pressing. The funds of this brand are unique in their embryonic phyto-components, peptides, amino acids, etc.
If certain means are used, compulsoryis a foam effect. In the cosmetics "Alpika" it is achieved with the help of saponins, isolated from the soap tree nut. In addition, cosmetologists highly appreciate the effect of this brand's products because of the rich complex of vitamins and mineral salts contained in them.

Series for professionals

Liposomal cosmetics "Alpik" includes in its series about two hundred products intended for use in wellness centers and beauty parlors.

Professional Alpic cosmetics

This assortment is presented by:

- mesomasks with peptides, reservatrol and bioactive hyaluron, intended for rejuvenation;
- Means for hardware and manual skin cleansing;
- enzyme and acid peels;
- plasticizing bandages and algal masks;
- gels used for hardware cosmetology;
- means for problem skin and treatment of couperose;
- drugs to eliminate cellulite and to correct the figure;
- means for thalassotherapy.

Modern developments

The company "Alpika" does not stop atachieved. Annually, it expands its product range, developing new highly effective cosmetics. So, for today the brand's specialists are actively working on the production of meso-cocktails without injection. These funds are designed for a wide range of applications. It covers procedures from hardware techniques and micronidling to home skin care courses. Similar mezokoteyli work similar to classical mesotherapy, only without contraindications, pain and nyxes. The basis of such drugs is a high concentration of fruit, succinic and hyaluronic acids, as well as reserve.

Opinions of professionals

Means of a unique Russian brandare recommended for use in getting rid of skin problems in both women and men. But is the Alpika cosmetics so good? The reviews of cosmetologists show that professionals give a high rating to the means of this brand. Experts confirm a good effect from the use of natural products, which, in addition to high quality, has quite reasonable prices.

However, cosmetics produced by Alpika companyreviews sometimes gets and not quite flattering. So, sometimes experts say that liposome funds have only a slight moisturizing effect on the skin, forcing the client to be dissatisfied with the professional's work.

Who is Alpica intended for?

Cosmetics of this brand should be used by women in the presence of various kinds of pigment spots and scars. The means work fine also in the event that there are age-related skin changes.

For such consumers, the company Alpicareleased a new series of BioLift. The drugs included in it are intended to correct the signs of aging of the skin, regardless of the degree of their expression. The tools in this series are truly unique. They produce a noticeable effect due to the eight amino acids included in their composition, encapsulated in alposomes. This complex increases the density, elasticity and elasticity of the skin, selectively affecting fibronectin, collagen and elastin fibers.

What is the most popular meansfrom this series, which includes cosmetics "Alpic"? Cream "Biolift". Reviews of this remedy indicate its light nutritional structure, effectively affecting the skin with obvious signs of aging. Proteins of silk, which are part of the drug, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis, and fine wrinkles on the face are smoothed by the action of argan oil. In addition, the cream "Biolift" can reduce the swelling of the face and improve its color. And this is thanks to the extracts of witch hazel and ginseng included in its composition.

Cleansing the face

Liposomal cosmetics "Alpika" reviewsprofessionals receives as a highly effective tool designed for use in beauty salons. However, to enhance the effects of certain drugs experts recommend to use and at home. So, for daily skin care, women can use multi-acid peels of the brand "Alpika". As part of these products are fruit acids that can rejuvenate, evenly clean and moisturize the skin (especially dry).

Russian cosmetics of alpic
Instead of peeling can be usedcosmetic milk brand Alpica. It will perfectly clean the dry skin, give it elasticity and elasticity, while increasing its self-regulation. All this will make the extracts of blue cornflower, chamomile and linden, wheat germ oil and vitamins C, E and A.

Spa treatments

Excellent effect produces used in salonsbeauty products of the brand "Alpika". Cosmetics reviews by professionals get positive and as a means to conduct spa treatments. Specialists freeze the tonics to get ice cubes from them. Similarly, this remedy can be used for home cosmetic procedures. Tonic brand "Alpika" contains in its composition hyaluronic acid. This component perfectly cleanses, nourishes, moisturizes and whitens the skin.

Spa treatment at home can beIt was also carried out using Alpika gel for cold steaming. This product is designed to prepare the skin for cosmetic procedures at home and in beauty salons when using vacuum, ultrasonic or mechanical skin cleaning machines.

The main active component of the gel isoleic acid, due to which softening of the stratum corneum occurs, as a result of which so-called plugs are removed. Also in the formulation are vegetable oils, moisturizing the skin and exerting on it an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

Products worthy of attention

Cosmetics "Alpic" correspondspharmaceutical quality standards and was created by highly qualified specialists who applied their rich scientific experience for the development of recipes. That is why the products of the Russian brand have been recognized by professionals working in the beauty industry. Moreover, the Alpika cosmetic products are a great success not only in the market of our country, but also abroad.

liposome alpic cosmetics

And all this thanks to:

- application of modern techniques in conducting procedures;
- Absence of systemic influence on the body;
- leadership among similar products in the concentration of active substances;
- an effect that has a prolonged effect.

Be beautiful!

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