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Shaved nape of the girls: features haircuts, pros and cons

Fashion for a variety of extravagant haircuts and styleshair coloring is changing very rapidly. Now at the height of the popularity of haircuts with a shaven head and temples in girls. She is rapidly gaining fame, although few young ladies decide on such a hairstyle. If you still decided to try this type of haircut on yourself, let's consider it in more detail: how to care for it, what pluses and minuses it has.

Important facts about a haircut with a shaven head

Before deciding to radically change your appearance, you need to consider all the pros and cons.

shaved nape of the girls

The hairstyle, which means shaved nape of the girls, has some limitations. You need to familiarize yourself with them before you do such an act:

  1. If you can not be called the owner of dense andlush hair, then you better refrain from such a haircut. Why? Because if your hair itself is liquid and not large enough, then after shaving off a large part of it on the back of your head, your hair will look very scanty. But if you really want this haircut, discuss the details with a hairdresser who will advise on how best to pack it, so that the hairstyle would look bigger.
  2. You must carefully monitor yourscalp and hair. The skin should be perfect and healthy. Such a haircut in any case will attract the attention of others, and it will be very unpleasant to look at the dirty, neglected head. In addition, with healthy and clean hair, you yourself will feel confident.
  3. Shaved nape of the girls are sure to pull fora change of all things in the wardrobe. Once you decide on such a daring haircut, then the clothes should match it. Choose something bright, creative and unusual.

Advantages of haircuts

Shaved nape of the girls every day are becoming more popular, and it's not surprising, because such a haircut has a lot of advantages:

  1. She attracts the attention of others and singles out the girls from the crowd.
  2. With such a haircut, you can wear large jewelry.
  3. Hairstyle is suitable for any type of face.
  4. Shaved head from girls with long hair is easy to hide with remaining curls, if necessary.

shaven head from girls with long hair

Disadvantages of the hairstyle

Despite the fact that the haircut has a lot of advantages, it does not do without flaws:

  1. Such a hairstyle is very fashionable, but fashionis replaced very quickly. It may happen that yesterday a stylish and modern haircut with a shaven head was relevant, and today it has become a sign of bad taste.
  2. With such a haircut it will be very difficult to growhair. It can happen that a popular haircut with a shaven head will bother you, and you again want to return the former length and classic hairstyle. It will be very difficult. Here there are only two options: to shave off all the hair and to equalize the length or hide the shaved head for many months and even years.
  3. With such a hairdo you need to be ready for criticism in your direction, because not all people will understand such a daring and extravagant image. Quite the opposite, many will even condemn you for such a choice.
  4. Such a haircut has a limitation in style. If you are a creative person, then shaved whiskey will emphasize your status. And if you work in a solid firm or bank, then there is a strict dress code that does not allow such hairstyles.

As we can see, shaved nape of the girls have both positive and negative sides.

hairstyle with a shaven head


So, we looked at the hairstyle with a shaven headgirls, its features, pros and cons. It's worth thinking about before deciding on such a haircut. But if you are going to risk it, then be ready for the condemnatory views on the one hand, and for sincere compliments on the other.

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