/ How to cut hair properly?

How to cut hair properly?

Every hairdresser is sure that being able to cut hair with his own hands at home is useful and necessary. After all, if you need to cut your loved ones, this skill will come in handy.

How to cut hair properly?

However, before you start learning,should clarify all the existing nuances of such work. First you need to buy a pair of scissors. Experienced hairdressers recommend buying not the most expensive tools. The main thing in this matter is their sharpness. To check the quality of the scissors sharpening, the following procedure should be done: wet a piece of cotton wool and try to cut it. If cotton wool is cut easily, then the scissors are great for cutting.

In addition to scissors, you also need to buy a comb with sparse and frequent prongs. Also, it would not hurt to buy a comb with a "tail", which will quickly and easily separate one strand from the other.

how to cut hair

Since hair can not be cut, soexperts advise starting to work only with wet strands. This will require a spray gun. Another important accessory is a cloth cape.

In addition, you need to focus ondisinfection of purchased instruments. For this you need to boil them. This procedure is also carried out after every use of any tool.

How to cut hair. Highlights

At a hairstyle of wet hair it is necessary to consider that fact, that after drying they will be shortened approximately on 1 centimeter.

The haircut itself begins with a conditional separationhead to the zone, by which it is carried out. Most often the head is divided into three main zones: parietal, temporal and occipital. Most often, the occipital side is further subdivided into the upper, middle and lower parts.

what days it is possible to cut hair

The procedure associated with how to cut hair begins with selecting the zone and collecting the remaining hair.

The selected site is combed, while the comb is held in the right hand along with the scissors.

Then the strand is separated and again combed. Then this lock is fixed between the index and middle fingers of the left hand.

Then you need to gently cut it 1-1.5 cm above the level of your fingers.

Do not forget that at the same time the cut strand is clamped with fingers as well. After that, you can start combing the next.

It is cut off along the line along which the previous strand was cut.

Already trimmed hair is also pinned. As a result, the question "how to cut hair" is exhausted.

What days can I cut my hair?

what days it is better to cut hair

What days it is better to cut hair, should knoweach master. Hairdressers advise not to cut hair in the "satanic" days of the lunar calendar - it's 9, 15, 23 and 29. It's also better to refrain from cutting in the days of the solar and lunar eclipse. There is a sign that after such a haircut you can get sick.

In addition, on Monday, Wednesday and SaturdayThey are considered excellent days for changing the image. Do not go to the hairdresser's on Sunday. On Friday, you should take care of your beauty. On Tuesday, a visit to the hairdresser can be carried out in case of insufficient physical strength.

In any case, only qualified hairdressing courses will help to find the answer to the question: "How to cut hair?"

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