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"Avon" (perfume): types, female, male, description and customer reviews

Cosmetic company "Avon" is known to allthe world. Lines of cosmetics and perfumes help to look attractive to a woman at any time. "Avon" - perfume, which is distinguished by its wonderful aromas and affordable price, elegant packaging. A wide assortment helps to choose the most suitable option for everyone. All products are presented in special brand catalogs.

Perfumery from Avon

The predominant amount of flavors of the companyAvon is represented not only by liquids or sprays, but also by a whole series of perfumes, consisting of a basic fragrance, body lotions, deodorants, perfumes in a dry form and all sorts of shower gels and perfumed soaps. Men's series are supplemented with after shave lotions, the smell of which is identical to the basic fragrance of the set. They all contribute to enhance the smell. "Avon" - perfume, popular among people of different sexes, ages and social categories.

Interesting perfume for day use,aroma - restrained, thin and soft. Day spirits "Avon" women are created in order to bring a cool, so in most of the following compositions predominate:

  • chypre (with a touch of bitterness);
  • marine;
  • citrus;
  • herbal.

These aromas impart a tone, a feeling of freshness,comfort throughout the day. The evening spirits "Avon" are distinguished by refinement and intensity, reviews about which are mostly positive. Women note interesting perfume variants from Christian Lacroix, which have a rich and persistent aroma - Rouge, Absinthe, Ambre, Bijou. The perfume line from the famous designer is more expensive compared to most of the presented flavors.

Avon perfume

Features of perfume

In the "Avon" perfume is divided according toseasonality. For summer - refreshing aromas, warm smells - winter. Lighter fragrances are recommended for use in the daytime. Do not abuse the amount of perfume or mixing several at once.

"Avon" - perfume, presented and youthcollection, as well as children's. Aromas for young girls - fruit, floral, berry. Loved by small fashionistas, a series of perfumes - "Hello Kitty." For older women, herbal compositions are recommended, woody ones are more concentrated and saturated. In order to preserve the fragrance, in an open package they should be kept in the refrigerator.

Avon Women's Fragrances

Types of fragrances

"Avon" - perfume, which are classified independing on many indicators. By appointment, they are male, female, youth and child. The volume of the bottle - mini version (10 ml), standard female (50 ml), medium (75 ml for men), large (100 ml). In addition, comfortable small bottles of 9 ml with a ball applicator are popular - an ideal option for a handbag. Mini-versions of 4 ml - expensive perfume "Avon". They are released seasonally and in small quantities.

Perfume Avon reviews

A little about women's fragrances

Among ladies of different ages,high-demand spirits "Avon". The female aromas presented by the company are so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to decide the choice. Many people like one of the most feminine fragrances "Avon" - "Incandesens" - light, associated with the spring. It is produced for several decades. The main notes are wild tulip, peony and orchid.

A bright representative of oriental fragrances - LittleBlack Dress ", characterized by sensuality and elegance. The smell is quite persistent, it is pleasantly revealed on the skin of vanilla and patchouli. The product line includes "Little White Dress" and "Little Red Dress". One of the finest fragrances is the "Infiniti Moment", reflecting purity and refinement. Many women note the following perfumes from Avon:

  • "Pur Blanca";
  • "Avon Attraction";
  • "Cherish";
  • "Femm";
  • "Pashion Dance";
  • "Persian".

To a more expensive price category, in addition to the masterpieces by Christian Lacroix, include:

  • Premier Lux;
  • a series of fragrances from singer Fergie;
  • "Avon Instinct";
  • "Avon Prima", presented by Ilze Liepa.

Mixing several flavors or using one of the 5 available became possible with the "Scent Essence" series - a perfume based on flowers, fruits and wood.

The most popular perfumes in Avon

The most famous perfume women's series in"Avon" - trilogy "Tudey - Tummorow - Olvejz". These flavors are floral and woody-musky. The first version went on sale in 2004, and exactly one year later the flavor of "Tudey" was awarded as the best female perfume. The trilogy is ideal for romantic evenings, solemn occasions. The basis is:

  • white freesia;
  • hibiscus;
  • cactus;
  • the color of the orange;
  • cedar;
  • pepper and musk.

Over the past two years, a stunning success has been"Avon Luck." Perfume is a famous tennis player Maria Sharapova. This is a truly captivating aroma, which lasts not less than 8 hours. The smell refers to the oriental flower-fruit family. At the heart lies a warm sandalwood, night chereus and sparkling bergamot. In the catalogs, an elegant set of this series is available for ordering, including a 50 ml perfume, a deodorant spray and a body lotion. "Avon Luck" - perfume, which became available recently and in the new version of "La Vie" (exquisite aroma with strawberry notes, warm cedar and lily of the valley).

Avon Luck Perfume

Aromas for Men

Men's perfume "Avon" - it's saturated persistentfragrances for the stronger sex. For more than a decade now, Full Speed ​​has been popular - bright, audacious and incredibly memorable. It is based on mandarin, juniper, musk, cedar. For self-confident and self-sufficient, the perfume "Yu Bai Ungaro" was created, consisting of notes of pomegranate, vetiver, grapefruit and patchouli.

For every day the "Just Play" is perfect -fragrance for independent men. Incredible freshness and at the same time tartness - perfume in a faceted bottle, based on cardamom, lime, freesia, white tea and geranium. In the company's catalog, you can choose the right flavor from a variety of options:

  • "Black Sid Tach";
  • "Anchripted" by Patrick Dempsey;
  • "Destination";
  • "Tudey";
  • Premier Lux;
  • "Aqua";
  • Avon Homm.

Men's perfume Avon

The novelty of the fragrance "Lak" pleased not onlywomen, but also men. By applying it, you can be sure that no one will pass by without indifference. The basis is a woody-amber composition, the smell is sure, energy. A stylish bottle and firmness throughout the day will be appreciated even by the most demanding men.

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