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Hair extension. Cold build: reviews, photos

Unfortunately, not every girl can imagine herselfallow to grow hair of the necessary length for certain reasons. But everything has changed since the appearance of such a service as hair extensions. Cold build-up, by the way, is in demand due to several serious advantages.

hair extension cold build-up

What's the procedure

Cold hair extension is athe process of joining to the native natural strands of artificial strands of artificial strands, resulting in the hair becomes thicker and longer. Cold hair extensions have a lot of advantages compared to a similar procedure, but by hot technology.

Advantages of the procedure

The first thing to note is the price. This procedure, like hair extensions (cold build-up), will cost a relatively small amount. But similar in hot technology is at times more expensive. Second, what you need to pay attention to is the simplicity of the procedure. The wizard carefully glues or attaches artificial strands to natural so that the latter do not even suffer at all. With hot technology, the hair is processed under high temperature pressure, after which they lose their elasticity and gloss when the strands are removed. With a cold method, this problem does not arise. The third advantage is the time of socks. Despite the fact that it is less than with the hot method, within one or two months the result will please the eye. The fourth advantage is the ease of removal. The added strands are easily removed, while the natural ones do not spoil at all.

cold hair extension

Methods of cold build-up

There are several common methods that are used by masters. And each of them is beautiful and practical in its own way. So, among all the existing the most popular are just five:

  • Japanese;
  • Spanish;
  • African (Afro);
  • tape;
  • ultrasound.

Each should be told separately, so that in the future it was easier to decide on the choice.

cold hair extension reviews

Japanese methodology

Cold hair extension for this techniqueimplies the use as a fastener for strands of special rings or clips. They are different in size, as well as in color. It is noteworthy that small clips are attached to more prominent and prominent places, and large ones are in the depth. Where they are difficult to see. The biggest advantage of this method is that when removing it is not necessary special devices and solutions - only forceps. They unclamp the clips, after which the accreted strands quickly, painlessly and not traumatically detach from the natural. In addition, any length can be used. Japanese hair extension (cold build) allows you to build up as very short (only 2.5 cm) strands, and very long. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of this method - there are small creases in the areas of the joint of donor and natural strands. Therefore, the masters strongly recommend to refrain from the Japanese buildup of those who have naturally brittle and weakened hair. In addition, the duration of the socks of accreted strands is only 2-4 weeks.

cold hair extension photo

Spanish Technology

Here another method of fastening is used. Spanish hair extensions (cold build-up) are carried out with the help of a special adhesive compound, which has a fairly light shade. Sometimes masters paint it so that this method suits brunettes. However, when washing hair, glue for cold hair extensions all the same brightens. That's why the Spanish technology is most often chosen by blonde girls. The procedure is quite simple and fast. The master divides the hair into separate strands, to which, with the help of glue, donor strands of the appropriate shade are attached. It is noteworthy that an interesting method for using the Spanish method was invented for brunettes. With the help of donor light strands make the increased melioration and coloring. Over time, the glue loses its main properties, as a result of which artificial hair is simply removed without any harm to natural hair. The main advantage of the method is that the strands stay very long - about two to three months. And with proper care and timely correction, no one will even notice that the hair was grown.

cold hair extensions

The African method

It is also called escalating on the tracks. The method is based on "sewing" donor strands to natural special cotton threads. First, the master pins the hair, dividing them into a horizontal part through the entire head, then weaves the small pigtails right next to the skin. Already these braids are sewed with donor strands. They are wide (called tresses), and on top are fixed with threads. The advantage of the method is its durability. On average, Afro-build is worn for up to two months. In this case, no discomfort is caused by donor strands.

 adhesive for cold hair extension

Tape method

This method is the most beloved ladies. Donor strands with an adhesive base are attached to the roots of the hair throughout the entire area, and not just into individual areas. It all looks very natural and natural. Ribbon cold hair extension (the photo above is a vivid example of a successful result) is worn long enough - up to six months. After that, it is recommended to visit the wizard to correct the strands. When removing any discomfort is not felt, and natural hair does not suffer at all.

Reviews of girls

Many ladies who were unhappythe result, most often turned to not very professional masters. Why? Firstly, cold hair extension, which is highly controversial, is safe for any of the technologies, if performed by a really skillful master. Secondly, the girls themselves are sometimes to blame for the bad result after removing the accreted strands. Remove them should also be a master. Independent removal of donor hair can damage natural curls. Thirdly, the procedure of building takes quite a while. At least two or three hours. If the master did everything faster, then it's worth thinking about his professionalism. Fourth, you need to choose the correct length of the strands. If it is too big for natural and not too strong and long hair, then the donor hair will simply weight and spoil it. Everything is good in moderation. This is worth remembering. To choose the optimal length yourself, you can buy strands of hair clips, attach them and walk around a day or two without taking off. If you feel strong discomfort and heaviness, then the strands should be shortened. By the way, this short-term way of building is perfect for a one-off event! And significantly save money.

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