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How to buy a tan at home?

Nowadays sunburn is considered an indicator of beautyand health. Many men prefer brownish skin tone. For this reason, regardless of the time of the year, very often on the street you can find "southern" beauties. But you can achieve this skin color without another beach vacation. Many get rid of pallor, using special tools that give the opportunity to purchase a tan at home. With self-tanning, you get exactly what you want, but do not forget about skin care, so as not to become a spotted cheetah. To do this, use the following guidelines.

Skin Preparation
Before you buy a tan at home, prepareskin. To avoid its tanning, pre-prepare a few days before using the tan. To do this, moisten the skin with special tools three times a day, paying special attention to the procedure after each bath. You need to remove the dead skin particles, this will help you an easy scrub, which you need to start using three days before the application of the product. Even with moisturizing, drier patches (knees and elbows) remain on the skin, which can absorb more of the autosunburn. Sunbathing at home should be uniform, so you need to apply a thick layer of cream cream to moisten and soften these areas.

Preliminary inspection
Autosunburn can not only give the skin morebright shade than you wanted, but also cause an allergic reaction. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, get a tan at home on a small area of ​​the skin, then wait for a day. If you are satisfied, then safely apply the remedy to the whole body.

In most cases this recommendation is notObserve that sometimes leads to the most serious consequences. After all, each of us at least once saw such a "brightly-roasted" person. Agree, the show is very funny. And you just had to do a little experiment and make a tiny tan at home.

Self-tanning application
Take a shower, then wait until the skinit will dry out (twenty minutes is enough). Remember that the skin should be Clean and Dry, so do not apply any lotions after the shower, of course, if you want to get a uniform tan at home, and not individual tanned pieces of different colors. In addition, unpainted areas are better visible on dry skin, which will solve the problem in a matter of seconds.

Apply self-tanning as quickly as possible, without forgettingabout the need for its uniform distribution. For training, use lotion several days before the procedure, this will help you navigate the speed and uniformity of applying the product on the skin. When applying the autosunburn, pass through each part of the body at the same time, and not in parts, so as not to leave an excess amount of funds in any particular area. On the drier and light areas of the body, apply a little autosunburn, if such an instant tan at home does not like, you can easily add brightness with the help of an additional portion of the remedy.

Particularly consider the need to wash off the product after it is applied to each individual part of the body. This is necessary so that your hands do not seem burned out.

Wait until the tan is fixed on the skin infor 2-3 hours. Otherwise, you risk contaminating clothes or furniture. Spend this time on manicure, pedicure, make-up and hairstyle. If you want you can take a shower, but after three hours from the date of application.

Time of action
A similar tan at home will persist for three to five days. After that, you can repeat the procedure, even if a small tint from the action of the tanning bottle remains.

Using autosunburn, do not forget that allshould be in moderation. Stop on a pleasant shade, and do not bring the action of the device to the point of absurdity, so as not to become the subject of ridicule and unpleasant oblique glances.

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