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Lavender oil for hair: reviews, application

Lavender oil several centuries agowidely used in medicine and cosmetology. According to some data, in old hospitals at monasteries it was very popular. They treated numerous diseases, especially skin and fever. Lavender was one of the first plants to be used in perfumery. Its aroma allows you to improve your mood and health. Recently, lavender hair oil has been actively used. It allows you to make curls soft, shiny, strong and thick.

Lavender oil for hair

Beneficial features

Lavender oil, the application for which hair wasknown even in ancient times, also allows to improve the general condition of the body, overcome problems and skin diseases. Due to its special, incomparable odor, lavender helps to stabilize nervously-excited states, to calm, relax and antidepressantly affect our body. Also, oil from it has long been used to combat insomnia, flu, colds and ARI.

Probably the most valuable and important propertylavender oil is its antiseptic effect. It helps to speed up the regeneration of skin, therefore it is actively used in the composition of home face masks and neck. Lavender makes it possible to cure burns, bruises and eczema.

Lavender oil for hair helps to moistencurls, overcome dandruff. It is also used to heal the scalp. Since this plant has anti-inflammatory properties, ef. lavender oil for hair removes itching and possible redness. Due to its antifungal properties, this drug actively and effectively fights against dandruff. If you have thin, dull hair, which severely cuts, it will help make them more "alive" and strong. This is because the remedy heals the hair follicles, which helps to make them stronger and increase their growth.

Lavender oil for hair reviews

How to use hair conditioner?

The oil of lavender for hair is already appliedlong enough, so today there are several ways that help to better and more effectively care for the hair. Very important is the fact that this tool is great for people with different types of curls. So, for example, lavender oil is applied from the fat content of the hair, since it allows you to adjust the production of fat. But it can be used by those who have dry hair, to slightly moisten them and make it softer.

It should be remembered that ethereal lavender oilhas a sufficiently high concentration, so it should not be used in large quantities very often. Although it happens that with a head massage it is taken in pure form. In this case, a few drops will suffice. Also from it you can create home combined funds.

Lavender oil for hair application

Massage with lavender oil

Lavender oil for hair is used for massagehead. To do this, heat a small amount of the product and slowly rub it with your hands into the skin. For greater efficiency, you can use a special wooden brush. In this case, apply a few drops of oil on her teeth. After a good enough and lasting massage, the oil should be left on the hair. After half an hour you can wash it off with warm water.

To massage the head was more pronouncedeffect, you can combine lavender oil with special mixtures that are sold in any cosmetic store. For example, an excellent option will be lavender and mint oil mixed with the base (this may be olive or burdock oil). In this case, the massage should last at least 7 minutes. Then the mixture is left on the head for another 20 minutes, after which it is washed off.

Thanks to this massage hair bulbswill receive additional blood flow, which will provide them with oxygen and various important substances. Women say that hair ceases to fall out, their growth increases, they become shiny and strong.

eff lavender hair oil

Lavender oil in shampoos, balms and conditioners

Due to its properties and characteristics, thisthe product can be added to various shampoos, balms and conditioners. Typically, most often, lavender oil for hair is added to the shampoo. In this case, you need only 3 drops per serving. To cure dandruff or other skin diseases, it is recommended to add lavender oil for hair to the rinse aid. To prepare such a remedy at home, you will need to mix honey or salt, 1 liter of water and 5 drops of oil. But to make your hair more elastic and shiny, you should add 100 ml of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of essential lavender oil in 600 ml of water. This conditioner is recommended to be applied to the hair after washing the head and rinse after 10 minutes. Girls who regularly use natural means to care for themselves, note the excellent result that this solution gives.

Home hair masks with lavender oil

Broken, damaged and unhealthy hairrequire additional care, and it is with the help of lavender oil that you can easily improve their appearance and condition. Masks are considered the most popular means for caring for curls, and lavender is often added to their composition. If you have too thin hair, which constantly fall out, it is worth trying a mask with lavender and olive oil. Beauties say that the addition of an egg yolk helps to enhance the effect of it.

Lavender oil from fat content of hair

Medicinal products with lavender oil for hair

Lavender oil perfectly copes withnumerous skin diseases and helps to get rid of lice. To prepare a remedy for seborrhea, a little bit of honey and a few drops of oil should be added to a liter of water. Women who have already tried this drug, confirm that if you rinse hair with such a mixture daily, you will soon be able to forget about the problem. Fighting hair loss, warm up burdock oil, add mint and lavender to it and rub the mixture into the scalp. To get rid of lice, you need to take three tablespoons of olive oil and add a few drops of rosemary, lavender, tea and eucalyptus. Put all this on your head, wrap it with a plastic bag and after half an hour rinse with warm water.

Benefit from using lavender oil for hair

It is due to the high nutritional andmoisturizing ability of lavender, this oil helps saturate locks with life-giving force, make them more docile and shiny. Even a few drops of it, added to any hair care product, help make the head of hearing obedient, strong and beautiful.

Lavender oil for hair in shampoo


Despite the fact that lavender oil forhair, reviews of which indicate its effectiveness, a beneficial effect on the condition of the head of hear, we must not forget that he has his own contraindications. You should know about them before using this tool. For example, you should remember that:

  1. This remedy can not be used by people who suffer from allergies, especially if it is an allergy to lavender.
  2. This kind of oil is contraindicated for people with anemia, as well as for those taking drugs with iron or iodine.
  3. It is not advisable to use lavender oil for women in the first trimester of pregnancy. You should take care before delivery if you have ever had an allergy.
  4. If you have low blood pressure, then use caustic lavender oil.
  5. When using lavender oil, drowsiness and lethargy may occur.
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