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How to walk in a solarium

Sunlight, refracted through the air layershell of the Earth, supplies ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn. Ultraviolet rays stimulate the production of melanin, a substance that is responsible for skin color in humans. In the skin of the albino, melanin is not produced at all, and the darker the skin, the more melanin it contains.

The sunburnt body is associated in our minds with youth and health, but how in the conditions of a winter weak sun to get a tan? Well, of course, you should plan a trip to the solarium.

Fashion for sunburn was introduced by women socalled "light." Once a woman has a sunburned body, then she is wealthy and can afford to rest on the sea and sunbathing. Today this problem as such does not exist, but the fashion for the sunburned body has remained.

Often in people who choose to take a tanthe question is how to go to a solarium. Before you start to visit the solarium and take an irradiation, you should visit a dermatologist to see your skin, whether there are any new growths. In this case, ultraviolet is contraindicated. Listen to the doctor's advice about the duration of the session, which is suitable for your skin type.

Irradiation in the solarium is made longerultraviolet rays than in the sun, so sunburn is accepted more quickly. How to go to a solarium and not get burned? Yes, just like on the beach. Do not exceed the recommended time of the session and you should definitely use a protective cream. Do not forget to apply daily moisturizing milk. The problem is that from sunburn, the skin is over-dried and the process of aging is accelerated. At the same time, drying the skin has a beneficial effect on the drying of pimples and, narrowing the pores, prevents the formation of acne.

Frequently ask questions can I go to the solarium pregnant women and children. The fact is that no scientific research has been conducted on the effect of artificial ultraviolet irradiation on the body, but nevertheless doctors recommend a ban. The fact that the solarium is quite stuffy and, in addition, during pregnancy, many have pigmented spots that can intensify after the solarium, and this does not add beauty. Children have not yet fully formed sweat glands, and the child can get a heat stroke, and therefore it is forbidden for children under the age of 16 to attend sessions in the solarium.

How to walk in a solarium and do not get a corneal burn. The fact is that the rays used in the solarium, have a great penetrating ability, and therefore recommend to take a tan in sunglasses, and even better if the glasses will be with a mirror effect.

If you accidentally overdose the session, you will getexactly the same skin burn as the sun. Therefore, the measures for its removal are similar. Try to cool the burn place by applying a special cream, preferably with the content of aloe, or just the juice of aloe and cucumber, it will help to remove the inflammation and pain. Also take into account that ultraviolet causes increased growth of unwanted hair, so the area of ​​the upper lip is better protected from exposure.

Solariums are horizontal, in them sunburntake a lying, and vertical, with a mirror floor and use a strong fan. This fan allows you to get a tan in a shorter time, and it falls flater. Vertical solarium is considered more modern and hygienic.

How to go to a solarium and get the maximumbenefit? The main thing, do not rush to tan. Let the first session be minimal in duration. Do not start daily sessions. The most recommended interval between them is 3-4 days. During this time, the skin adapts, and the tan will lie flat and beautiful. The main thing is to know the measure in everything, then visiting the solarium will give the skin a fashionable shade and strengthen health without any unpleasant consequences.

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