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Home clarification methods: how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide

Despite the fact that many beauty salonsoffers its professional services, many still prefer to carry out such procedure, as hair coloring, at home. Sometimes it is really convenient, for example, if you go home late, and in the morning you need to be in a new way.

how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide
Most of those who decide to lighten their hairyourself, use a paint to discolor hair. It's quite efficient, but expensive. There is a more economical and unpretentious way. However, not everything is known about how to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide, although technology is the simplest. For clarification, it will take peroxide itself, more precisely, its 3% solution, and a spray atomizer for uniform and easy application of liquid.

hair coloring at home
Before coloring, the hair must be prepared: wash with shampoo, use conditioner and dry naturally, because the procedure of decolorization by itself sufficiently strongly overdry the hair. After the hair has dried, distribute them on two sides and alternately separate the strand behind the strand, treating it with a spray solution. How to bleach hair with hydrogen peroxide partially? If you plan to lighten only the upper strands, we treat them only, trying not to fall on the lower strands, which can be protected with a usual cellophane film. You can put on a cap for highlighting - through it, the strands to be stained are pulled out with a conventional crochet hook.

If you need to lighten all the hair, then you needwalk around the whole head, lock behind the lock. After finishing the treatment, leave the solution on the hair for about thirty minutes. At the end of this time, the hydrogen peroxide must be washed off with cool water, after which a deep moisturizing conditioner or restoring hair mask should be applied. It is again better to dry the hair naturally, since the reaction of hydrogen peroxide can still continue, and the heat from the hair dryer can strengthen it and destroy the structure of the hair.

how to hydrogen peroxide hair

After the hair has dried, it will be visibleresult of lightening. It should be understood that the darker the hair, the more difficult it is to lighten them. The hair of light shades can be discolored already from the first time, with the dark ones it is necessary to repeat the clarification in two weeks, and possibly, even after two weeks, if the result is not sufficiently noticeable. It is often not worth it, because bleaching the hair with peroxide of hydrogen in one day means completely destroying their structure - they will become dry and brittle, they will be badly combed, put together and generally can stop growing.

Within two weeks, hair will gradually come toitself, and it will be possible to carry out clarification with minimal negative impact, which is very important, because the clarification procedure itself is harmful enough to the structure of the hair.

Understand how to bleach hair with peroxidehydrogen, it's quite simple, but it does not mean that you will immediately get the desired shade. Both in beauty salons and at home, you need to use cream paint or a toning mousse after the clarification, as this procedure is only a preparatory stage for the basic tone to go evenly over all the hair.

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