/ How to apply shellac on your fingernails at home?

How to apply shellac on the nails at home?

Let's start by getting acquainted with the tool and itsbasic properties. Speaking in a simple way, shellac is a so-called hybrid of the usual varnish and gel for manicure. The main plus of the means is that it keeps on the nails for a very long time. Covering their nails is easy, and it does not take much time. Washing shellac with nails is also not a problem. There are no substances harmful to human health in the product, and it does not cause allergies or irritation.

How to apply shellac?

how to apply shellac

Most often a manicure with this tooldo in manicure salons. So it was not due to the complicated or inconvenient technology of applying gel-varnish, but because drying dried shellac on the nails under a special ultraviolet lamp. Such a lamp can be purchased, but most ladies prefer salon manicure, not wanting to spend their time and energy on it. All you need to take care of is the choice of a good, skilled craftsman.

How to apply shellac on the nails at home?

Yes, it is quite possible! If you do not want to visit the salons and prefer a home manicure, then the question "how to apply shellac at home" will become urgent for you.

how to apply shellac on nails
What you need for this: base coating "Shellac", gel-lacquer "Shellac" (the color that you have chosen), the top cover "Shellac", the ultraviolet lamp for manicure, nail file and other items that you use for cleaning and nail formation. Wash hands before working. Remove the cuticle (cut or remove with a stick). It is advisable to trim the whole overgrown nail, because it can flake, break and so on, preventing the preservation of the well-groomed kind of coating. Then fill up the nails with a buff and give them a nail file. Degrease the nail plate: apply a piece of medical alcohol to the cotton wool or cloth and wipe the nails with it. Take the base coat "Shellac" and apply one layer on the nails. After turn on the ultraviolet lamp and put your hand under it for ten seconds. The coating dried up, and now it's time to apply the gel-lacquer itself. Apply one coat. It should be very thin, because under the influence of the ultraviolet lamp, a varnish applied with a thick layer can be slightly wrinkled and does not look so beautiful.
how to apply shellack
Dry the gel-lacquer applied on the nails for two minutesunder the ultraviolet lamp. Then apply another layer of Shellac gel on the nails and fix it again, putting your hand under the lamp. And after drying, apply a top coat, like the previous ones, with a thin layer. Dry under an ultraviolet lamp. Remove the sticky layer with a cotton pad soaked in the same medical alcohol. Done!

How to remove shellac?

You can shoot it at home. You already know how to apply shellac, now we will figure out how to shoot it. To do this, you need a special remover to remove shellac, a cotton disc and a piece of foil. Wet the disk in the remover and screw it (the disc) onto the nail, pressing. Wrap the nail over the cotton pad with this foil for 5-10 minutes. After the procedure, take the pusher and remove the peeling gel-varnish from the nail, without damaging the plate.

How to apply shellac: French

It is not hard. You already know how to apply shellac, so you can make such a jacket even at home! Use the same method, only instead of covering the entire plate with white lacquer, cover only the tip of the nail.

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