/ How to prepare effective masks for dry hair at home?

How to prepare effective masks for dry hair at home?

The presence of dry hair has always been topicalproblem. Trying to make a beautiful styling, we often resort to the help of different air conditioners and varnishes, which harm the hair. Also they are damaged by dry and cold winter air, hats and even a hair dryer. To correct hair health it is possible not only with the help of a haircut. I want to tell you what masks for dry hair at home can be prepared. Let's start with oil masks, which are very effective. They should be used at least once a week. So, get acquainted with the recipe for an oil mask based on four teaspoons of castor oil. Mix them with vinegar in the amount of a teaspoon, then there beat in the chicken egg, and then add a little glycerin. Lubricate your hair, cover with a plastic bag and wrap it with a towel. Be like this for forty minutes. Then rinse hair thoroughly.

Prepare masks for dry hair in the homeconditions, using olive oil. A tablespoon of it mixed with yolk and cognac, as well as honey and colorless henna - all on a teaspoonful. Half an hour is like wearing a mask on your hair, and then wash it off.

It is very useful to make a mask of sea buckthorn oil. To do this, mix it with a nutritious cream in a 1: 9 ratio. Rub the mask into the scalp, wrap the hair to warm it. Hold the mask for two hours, then get rid of it with shampoo.

It is very useful to make egg masks for dry hairat home. They protect the hair from damage and dryness. To prepare the base mask, add to the egg yolk thirty grams of cognac. So you will warm up the scalp and improve the penetration into it of the beneficial substances found in the yolk.

To prepare a mask based on two yolks andcastor oil, add to them half a spoonful of calendula tincture. Apply the mask on your head, then wrap your hair and keep it in this condition for forty minutes. Then rinse your head with herbal shampoo, shampoo with aloe vera will be very suitable. You can use a mask based on yolk with honey. To do this, one yolk should be mixed with a dessert spoonful of delicious honey. It is not superfluous to add a clove of garlic to the mask. The mixture is applied to the scalp, the hair is wrapped in a towel, in this condition, they should be within an hour, after which it is washed off.

Very effective masks for dry hair in the homeconditions, prepared using plants. To make a mask of blueberries, you need to grind three hundred grams of these berries in a blender, pour them with 200 grams of freshly boiled water and cool it. Next, the mask is applied to the scalp and hair. After half an hour it can be washed off.

To make a herbal mask, mix inequal parts of chamomile, plantain and nettle, fill them with a half cup of boiling water. After the infusion has cooled, strain it and add the rye crumb into the liquid. Let it brew for half an hour mask, and then rub it into the scalp and hair. An hour is like a wrapped head, and then wash off the mask. Thus, you will not only get rid of dry hair, but also improve their growth, they will become shiny.

If you have dry hair, masks are bound to youhelp make them beautiful and shiny. Follow these tips, do rubbing at least once a week, and very soon your hair will become healthy. Comb your hair with a jagged comb so they will not break. Possessors of visited, dry hair can be advised to limit the use of dressings and hard rubber bands. Remember that the best hair masks at home are much more effective. After all, all vitamins, useful substances that will turn hair into the most beautiful and healthy ones come at once.

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