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Manicure for girls: types and benefits

If you want your girl to grow upneat and tidy, teach her to take care of herself from childhood. Naturally, the best training is your personal example. You probably watched more than once the child closely watches you, and then tries to climb first to his mother's shoes, then asks that she too sprinkled with perfume, happily runs to the mirror to consider the new dress that you put on her.

Do you want your girl to always havetidy pens - take it with you to the salon, where you do yourself a manicure. In modern salons make as an adult manicure, and manicure for children. Not necessarily the first time, but after looking at this procedure once or twice, the baby will definitely ask her to process the nails and even paint with a varnish, like her mother's. Here, each mother decides for herself whether or not to cover the child's nails with a varnish. But you need to know that time does not stand still, and today a special technology has been developed, according to which a manicure for girls is performed. And that the children were interested, funny drawings are drawn on the surface of the nail. Such a picture the girl will take care of and therefore will begin to closely monitor the purity of her nails.

If your girl is already a teenager, then she is unlikelyyou must persuade to go to the salon, she will agree with pleasure, and you can rest assured that this will be a reason for pride, because all her friends will see her manicure. Among other things, a manicure for girls is another way to emphasize your image - a shade of varnish and a pattern on it will be another detail of the chosen costume or dress. Here comes the work for you: bring up in the daughter taste and sense of style.

Is there a better way than manicure, ridchild from such a harmful habit as nibbling nails. Many children gnaw their nails, and from here there are problems not only with appearance, but also with health: a large number of microbes and bacteria enter the child's body in this way. The desire not to spoil the beautiful drawing on the nails does its job, but at once the child, of course, will not get rid of this habit. Constancy is important here, and then success is assured to you. By the way, from this habit it is possible to disaccustom the boy, in salons do also a manicure for children who gnaw nails. Children are shortened nails and treated nail plate with a special matte varnish, which does not have harmful impurities, but differs bitter taste, which is not washed off. However, do not forget that the root of the problem of nail biting is related to psychological reasons, so simultaneously do not delay your visit to a child psychologist and find out the reason the child gnaws at the fingernails.

If the girl herself is trying to make herself a manicure,Do not encourage her in this endeavor. Such a procedure should be carried out by specialists, since children have physiological features of nails, which the master will necessarily take into account.

Manicure for girls is made only by unedged. To very small children do dry manicure, to girls is more senior - hot.

Dry unedged manicure

Little fingers, just as small, do notformed to the end nail plates, vessels close to the surface of the skin - all these characteristics of the child's nail apparatus suggest that cuticle cutting is not performed, as well as grinding of the entire surface of the nail. This kind of manicure includes the following stages:

  1. treatment of fingers with an antiseptic.
  2. Cutting of the nail; If the child does not withstand vibration from the cutting, then the nail is cut by cutting pliers.
  3. Removal of burrs, often causing irritation in the child or even miranks. The edges are sealed with special glue.
  4. Cuticle treatment with cream and soothing baby gel.
  5. Grinding of the upper edge of the nail.
  6. Finally, at the request of my mother, applying a varnish and a pattern on the nails. A drawing can be selected from the catalog of patterns for a child's manicure.

Hot unedged manicure for girls

All stages do not change, but they are carried outpreliminary preparation of nails. For this, the pens are placed in a lotion containing peach or olive oil, mineral supplements, vitamins E and A, ceramides and lanolin. This lotion helps to soften the cuticle, strengthens the nails and promotes their growth. Hands for 10 minutes lower into a special device with a lotion poured into it. The device maintains a constant temperature of 50 ° C. Hot manicure technique is very suitable for children and adolescents, as it helps to treat thin and brittle nails.

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