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How to style your hair at home: recommendations

How to style your hair at home
How to style your hair at home? There are many options and ways to help you change. In this article, we will talk about several of them in more detail and give recommendations that will help you to keep beautiful and healthy hair.

What do we need?

For hair curling: hair curlers, forceps.

For straightening: ironing (styler), hair dryer, large massage comb.

To add volume: comb with frequent denticles, hair dryer, large hair curlers.

Means for styling hair: gel with thermal protection, mousse, gel-conditioner, hairspray.

How to style your hair at home?

So, let's start with the fact that the hair should beclean. Only in this way you can make the hair you want as simple as possible and save it for a long time. If we need to curl the strands on curlers, then we proceed as follows:

  1. Dry hair after washing, we put on thema small amount of mousse for styling, and, dividing them into strands, we spin on curlers (this technology applies to both conventional and thermal rollers). We are waiting for several hours and release the hair (as for the thermobigi, then they need to be removed
    To put hair in house conditions
    Only when their surface is completely cooled.
  2. You can leave the curlers for the night, but beforedecide on such a step, make sure you can sleep with them all night. For such purposes, you can use foam products, they do not deliver any discomfort.

You can put hair in your home withusing electric forceps (or curling iron), but before you start using them, be sure to completely dry your head, otherwise you risk burning your locks, and apply thermal protection. Curl need small strands, which are sprayed with a small portion of varnish. Similar recommendations apply to ironing for straightening hair. Are there any other methods of pulling strands? If your hair is not very curly, then you can cope with them using a conventional hair dryer with a diffuser and a flat massage comb. Simply separate a small string and guide it to warm air, in parallel with it comb it.

How to style hair at home, giving them volume?

Make a head of hair can be in several ways:

  • with the help of large curlers;
  • with the help of a hair dryer (when drying hair, you need to lift the hair vertically and direct the air to the roots);
    How to pack long hair with a hair dryer
  • with the help of a nap (select several strands on the crown and lightly brush them with a comb with frequent teeth, and then sprinkle with a small portion of hair spray).

How to pack long hair with a hair dryer?

To begin with, apply on hair mixture withthermal protection to prevent overheating of the hair. And then, armed with a massage comb, start drying the strands from the roots, directing a stream of warm air to the inside. After the hair base is dried, you can go to the tips. Give them the desired shape with a massage comb and a hair dryer with a diffuser. Secure the result with wax, gel or varnish.

Now you know how to style your hair at home. We hope that the information will be useful to you!

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