/ How to remove gel-lacquer at home? Allowance for thrifty

How to remove gel-lacquer at home? Allowance for thrifty

Who does not dream of a chic and long-lasting manicure? For those who are not a supporter of nail extension, by nature has healthy and strong nails, the way out was specially designed. Innovative material - gel-varnish. This is a hybrid of nail polish and gel. Those who have tried this method of manicure, are wondering how to remove gel-lacquer at home. The procedure is fairly simple, but it has its own peculiarities.

how to remove gel lacquer at home

In order to save money, it's worth startingview training videos that tell you what the process is. And, of course, you will have to purchase a minimum set of tools and materials:

  • Nail files with different abrasiveness.
  • Liquid for dissolving gel varnish.
  • Cuticle nippers.
  • Polishing for nails.
  • Oil for cuticles and nails.

Before removing the gel-lacquer at home,it makes sense to seek advice from a master who did a manicure. First, only the master knows which material he used (and there are many). Secondly, a specialist in his business can suggest some key points that relate specifically to your nails. Thirdly, it is your master who will take into account all possible errors.

removal of gel varnish at home

Removal of gel-varnish at home is not much different from the same procedure in the cabin. Basic steps:

  • Pest disinfestation (a wash with soap will do, in the absence of a special tool).
  • Application of liquid for dissolving the material (cotton wool discs and food foil can be used).
  • Massage of the fingers during the period of the action of the liquid (for each finger it takes about 10 minutes, for bright and saturated colors it is necessary to increase the time to 15-17 minutes).
  • The softened material is removed easily (if this did not happen, it is advisable to apply the liquid once more, you can not strip off the lacquer violently, you can injure the nail plate).
  • A free edge is filed with a fillet.
  • The nail plate is ground with a baff or a soft file (strictly in one direction).
  • The cuticle is removed by cutting pliers, the oil is applied.
  • The nail is polished.

Removal of shellac at home will not causeNo negative consequences if you follow the technique and sequence of actions. Moreover, you can purchase a special kit that will help simplify the procedure. Naturally, the material must be professional, bought in a special store. Use acetone is strictly prohibited, otherwise you can injure not only the nails, but also the skin around them.

removal of shellac at home

Before removing the gel-lacquer at home,it is advisable to read the special literature, get acquainted with the company's products. Perhaps in the series of this company there are also special fluids and tools that help to remove the coating. The use of drugs of the same brand simplifies the procedure several times.

It is worth remembering that gel-lacquer (shellac, helish and others) is primarily lacquer. That is, the process of applying it is a manicure (but very resistant, up to 4 weeks).

Every lucky possessor of such beauty thinks about how to remove gel lacquer. At home, with all the rules and features, the removal procedure will not cause injury.

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