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Answers to the question of how many years you can shave your legs

Hair removal on the legs is an aestheticnecessity. Ways to make depilation a lot. You just need to determine your own, use it and enjoy the smooth skin. Frequently asked on the Runet forums the question: "How many years can you shave your legs?"

how many years can you shave your legs
The answer to it is simple - depilation everyone startsdo when there is a need. Basically, this need arises during puberty, when the activity of the development of a young organism provokes the appearance of vegetation on the legs, hands, intimate places and face. Therefore, to answer the question about how many years you can shave your legs, you can definitely - from 14 years. But is it so early? Indeed, in addition to smooth skin, you can get a number of discomforts associated with constant shaving and improper care. Let's take a look at some of the things that smooth skin lovers come across.

First you need to determine the better shave. For this procedure, there are the following tools:


- a cream for depilation,

- wax.

the better to shave
It is necessary to think not only over how many yearsYou can shave your legs, but also what. The machine cuts every hair, in the end each successive turns out to be sharper than the previous one. There are chances of cuts and irritations. Vegetation starts to cover the skin from the next day. Shaving is often that thins the hair and they can grow into the skin. As a result - inflamed and dry areas of the skin, tubercles. After shaving, the machine needs to apply a special cream, which contains components for the restoration of the skin surface. The depilatory cream is a gentle way to get rid of the vegetation on your legs. The agent is applied and after a certain time is washed off with water. It contains moisturizing ingredients, so it does not dry the skin. Suitable way for those who have thin and light hairs. For those who have a skin surface covered with thick and dark hair, this method does not work, as to achieve smoothness will not be easy. Wax is removed by vegetation, those with a pain threshold is high enough. The procedure is performed by heating the wax plates.
how many years can you shave your legs
In the melted warm state, the mass is appliedon the leg area, then a strip is applied, which after a couple of seconds is removed from the surface together with the hairs attached to it. And so every patch until all the hair is removed. Despite the soreness of the procedure, the effect of smooth skin will remain with you for 2-3 weeks.

Sometimes the creation of beauty is like a painfultorture. However, for the sake of elegant appearance you can go for a lot. Therefore, wondering about how many years you can shave your legs, be ready for such moments as painful sensations, redness, ingrown hair. The skin before and after depilation should be moistened, protected from ultraviolet rays, exfoliate the keratinized layer from its surface. The most active period of depilation is summer, when you need to walk in short shorts and skirts. In a cold period of time, you can take a break and give your skin a rest. How many years you can shave your feet to decide you. The main thing to remember is that beauty and health are inseparable concepts.

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