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How to sunbathe in a solarium

Tan is a natural decoration of anythe fair sex. In moderate amounts, ultraviolet rays are good for health, improve immunity, increase the concentration of vitamin D. Soak in the sun and get chocolate color is not always possible for everyone and not all. The summer months are too short, you do not have time to notice a vacation for household chores. Therefore, there is a quick way to tan - a solarium. At the same time you will save a lot of time. And at any time of the year you can look as if you just returned from the southern beach.

Many people want to look beautiful and attractive, but not everyone has an idea of ​​how to properly sunbathe in a tanning salon. There are only 4 types of skin, characteristic of the European population:

1. very light (pale, with freckles, sunburn is contraindicated)

2. light (sunbathe badly, quickly get burns)

3. medium (well sunbathe, get burned only with prolonged exposure to the sun)

4. dark (quickly darken, tan keeps for a long time).

In accordance with the type of skin determines the possibility and duration of sunburn in the solarium. If you doubt that you can handle it yourself - consult a dermatologist.

If you still decided to luxuriate in an artificialultraviolet, it is not superfluous to know how to sunbathe in the solarium: lying or standing? In general, the choice is entirely yours. Horizontal cameras are preferable for those who are tired and want to relax during sunbathing. However, the session time in them is about 15-20 minutes. It is believed that in such chambers the tan lies evenly. In the vertical chambers, the session is shorter: 5-10 minutes. The advantage is the fact that there is no contact of the camera surfaces with the body.

There are also turbosolarians. They are quite widespread everywhere. Their difference is the higher power of the lamps. The session in such solariums should not exceed 8-10 minutes.

There are certain rules for tanning in a solarium. They are designed specifically to enable you to quickly embellish your body and not harm the body. How to sunbathe in a tanning salon, you will learn from the points below.

  • First tip: do not wash immediately before going to the solarium. So you keep your own protective layer and prevent a burn.
  • Remove all ornaments from the body, do not usearomatics, deodorants, nourishing creams before sunbathing in the solarium. Be sure to rinse all makeup. It is advisable to buy a special tanning cosmetics in the solarium. It does not allow the skin to dry out, the skin gets an even color.
  • During the session, it is highly recommendedprotect the chest, face, hair. If you wear contact lenses, it is better to remove them, so as not to spoil. Before going to the solarium do not take alcohol, antidepressants, tranquilizers.
  • Tattooing with tan can fade, so cover the painted places.
  • Pregnant should be treated with careartificial sunburn. In small doses, ultraviolet rays will benefit the fetus. It is best to consult a doctor about the possibility of tanning in a solarium and about the duration of the session.
  • You can not sunbathe people with skin diseases like vitiligo or dermatitis.
  • Try not to walk in the open sun after visiting the solarium. Between sessions, several days must pass.

Irradiation with ultraviolet rays in the solarium is even more useful than conventional, solar. There are no rays of type C, which are very harmful to humans.

In addition to information on how to sunbathe in the solarium,consider the need for artificial sunburn. Do not forget that excessive intake of artificial ultraviolet can cause even oncological diseases.

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