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What is the bikini zone, how shave and care after

Removal of unwanted hair is a procedure,which is enjoyed by both men and women. Representatives of the fair sex get rid of vegetation, since smooth skin is the guarantee of beauty of the female body. The most delicate zone of hair removal in women is the bikini zone. This is the inguinal area of ​​the body, the well-groomed appearance of which allows you to wear open swimsuits.

bikini zone as shave
In addition, now bikini design at the peakpopularity, and experts in the field of intimate haircuts create simply works of art. Removing hair in the groin, you get rid of the likelihood of accumulation of bacteria that cause an unpleasant smell. To date, there are many different ways to remove hair - it's a depilation cream, and a wax, and a depilator. The bikini zone should look even and beautiful, without inflammation and irritation. Therefore, choose the method of hair removal, which will make the procedure comfortable, and the skin smooth and silky. What stages of beauty creation should the bikini zone undergo?

How to shave inguinal area

Methods for removing unwanted hair are sufficientin order to choose the right one. There is even a way to get rid of them forever. However, many people use a razor. Companies that specialize in shaving tools and tools, produce them for both women's skin and men's. What is the difference between a man's beard and a bikini zone? How do men shave their skin and how are women?

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The advertising of means for shaving says: "... the triple blade of the machine is a smoother shave." It turns out that the more blades the machine has, the shorter the hair is cut. In addition to this, both female and male machines are equipped with a strip with moisturizers and a movable head for smooth sliding. The skin of men and women is different. The man's beard grows thicker, and the skin is denser, so the machine needs an appropriate one. With a beard sorted out, and a bikini zone, how shave it? In the groin area, the hair is softer, grow less often, and the skin is more sensitive. The form and equipment of the female machine are created to make it more comfortable to shave intimate places.

bikini zone epilator

Advice on procedure and care

With the tools figured out - the hair is removed. However, there are nuances. Vegetation begins to appear on the skin surface the next day. The tip of the hair when shaved turns sharp, with growth and contact with clothing, it can rest on the skin and grow, and this is an unpleasant inflammatory process. Men's bristles of clothing are almost irrelevant, and many men shave every day. Therefore, the hairs do not have time to grow strongly.

And the bikini zone? How do they shave it so that it remains smooth and beautiful for a long time? The answer is unambiguous - to get rid of hair regularly, to avoid their ingrowning and to use special caregivers during and after shaving. No matter how good tools are, this procedure is a trauma to the skin. Therefore, take care of it, remove unwanted vegetation as soon as it begins to appear. Just so the skin will look smooth and smooth.

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