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Details on how to lock a trunk in Meincraft

Today we will talk about how to privatizechest in the Meincraft. Theft of things in this virtual world is becoming incredibly prevalent. One of the most effective means of protection can be called the privatization of his chest.


how to lock a chest
Before we begin to solve the problem of howto lock the chest, it should be noted that to proceed to the described actions it is necessary only in case of network game and when in the settings of the server used the theft function is not disabled. Most often this kind of information can be clarified by the administrator at the time of entry or on the official page.


To find the answer to the question of howlock the chest on the server, open the chat and enter the / cprivate command. This is the basic script that allows you to create private vaults. In order to open a personal chest, we should use the left mouse button, and not the usual right one. It should be noted that the cancellation of privacy settings after entering the specified command is impossible.

Other options

how to lock a chest on a server
Another way of solving the problem can be usedabout how to lock a chest. It will work in the event that in the future it is planned to cancel the settings of private property. In this situation, use the / lwc -c private command. We can provide the right of access to our storage of a player. To do this, enter / lwc -m, and then the participant's nickname, to which we trust our chest.

It should be remembered that none of the characters can notTake things that lie in the vault, but other players are able to view the content. To do this, use the / lwc -c public command. If it is necessary that members of our squad can easily use the chest, while the rest of the players did not have this opportunity, put the password on the vault using the code / lwc -c password. Thus, everyone who knows the secret combination will have access to our resources.

Let's see how to use a largenumber of chests. If you do not know which one is used, use the / cinfo command. In this way, you can see the state of the store, and also the type of lock.

So we figured out how to securetrunk, however, before starting the described actions, such a thing must be created. It will help to solve the problem with the lack of cells in the inventory. In fact, the chest is a block in which you can store various items. In this case, many things are placed in it, since there are 27 cells for their placement. To create a chest, you need 8 boards.

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